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About Me

Ct Pound meaning - Classified
Online Gamer for Life
Born left handed but was converted to be right handed
Favorite Colors - Dark Colors but my Personality is Quite Colorful & Fun
I Don't tolerate Disrespect
I suck at Wiki Code
What games I play - Guild Wars, couple Facebook apps.
I have 5 accounts - Lots of Toons - to many to name or show
Lots of top notch friends
I don't need Reconition to be Happy
Goals - To be Happy in Tuff Times & have a Healthy Family

Guild Wars

CTP Meaning - Cautious to Pursue
I have played Guild Wars since very early Days
Daily Player - Warrior
Secondary - Depends on what Im doing
Armor - Silver Eagle Armor, Dragon Guantlets, Tend to sport Bandana here & there
Dyed - Black for Years, Went Pink for 2010 - we will see if this lasts, lol
Full Guild Hall - Wizards Isle - Only Hall 5yrs ago with Livestock - A Froggie
I do lots of Classified Things in Game
I achieved Rank 10 Vanguard, Asuran, Norn, Deldrimor with Heros/Henchies before Speed Clears
I am a Member of The Shinning Blade #Dismantle
Rumors are Princess Salma & Ct Pound has a thing going on
Event Hat I would Like in Game - Dyeable Top Hat


If you know me, you know how to contact me. :)
User Ctpound Ct Pound 3.jpg

Cautious To Pursue [CTP]

Cautious to Pursue is a nearly 5-year-old guild that was started upon the release of Guild Wars. It was started by myself and my wife, Fire Reignz.

CTP's Wiki page