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Epinephrine: epi·neph·rine also epi·neph·rin /"e-p&-'ne-fr&n/
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek epi at, on + Greek nephros kidney

a colorless crystalline feebly basic sympathomimetic hormone C9H13NO3 that is the principal blood-pressure raising hormone secreted by the adrenal medulla and is used medicinally especially as a heart stimulant, a vasoconstrictor in controlling hemorrhages of the skin, and a muscle relaxant in bronchial asthma -- called also adrenaline


Homepage: [1]
eMail: epi.nephron(a)


Server: North America

Guild: Servants of Fortuna (SoF)

Role Playing Characters:

No. Prof. Name Created Activity
1 Ranger Lana Erenid May 6, 2005
2 Necromancer Andrea Nile April 27, 2005
  • Prophecies: completed (Protector, all Necromancer and Monk skills)
  • Factions: completed (Protector, all Necromancer and Monk skills)
  • Nightfall: on mainland (completed consulate docks)
  • Armor: Fanatic's Armour (dyed purple+red+dye remover+dye remover)
3 Mesmer Daniela Ren May 28, 2005
  • Prophecies: completed (all Mesmer and Elementalist skills)
  • Factions: completed (all Mesmer and Elementalist skills)
  • Nightfall: at Command Post
  • Armor: Rogue's Armour and Courtly Armour mixed (dyed red+silver)
4 Ritualist Neal Andrei Aug? 2006
  • Prophecies: in Southern Shiverpeaks
  • Factions: Completed (Protector, all Ritualist skills)
  • Nightfall: Completed (all Ritualist skills, all Paragon Command and Motivation skills)
  • Armor: Canthan Armour

PvP Characters:

  • Running Was Epi, Your Refrigerator, Epi Stle, Epi Thelial, Epi Dermis, Epi Glottis, Epi Siotomy, etc...

(Unfortunately, many of my names have been stolen - I have lost Epi Demic, Epi Centre, Epi Phany, Epi Tome and others)


Campaign Core Prophecies Factions Nightfall
Heroes   Elite.png Elite.png Elite.png
Upgrade Components
Runes Elite.png   Elite.png Elite.png
Insignias Elite.png Elite.png Elite.png Elite.png
Prefix Upgrades Elite.png   Elite.png Elite.png
Suffix Upgrades Elite.png Elite.png Elite.png
Inscriptions Elite.png Elite.png Elite.png Elite.png
Warrior Warrior Warrior Warrior Warrior
Ranger Ranger Ranger Ranger Ranger
Monk Monk Monk Monk Monk
Necromancer Necromancer Necromancer Necromancer Necromancer
Mesmer Mesmer Mesmer Mesmer Mesmer
Elementalist Elementalist Elementalist Elementalist Elementalist
Assassin   Assassin Assassin
Ritualist Ritualist Ritualist
Paragon   Paragon
Dervish Dervish

Gaming Life[edit]

GuildWars is my first CORPG. I tried MMORPGs and didn't enjoy them. Computer RPGs are shallow mockeries of pen and paper RPGs in terms of role-playing anyway, and I despise the term "RPG" when referring to them - you play no more of a role in Guild Wars than you do in Counterstrike or Day of Defeat - if you ran around pretending to actually be a soldier while playing Day of Defeat you'd be role playing; hitting monsters in a fantasy setting isn't.

I began role-playing in 1980 I believe, with my first Dungeons and Dragons set, the Basic edition - I quickly moved on to other versions. To date I've played dozens of forms of pen and paper role-playing, and while I no longer actively do so I know most of the systems out there. As for computers, my first gaming was on a Kaypro 2, but I bought myself a TI99/4a shortly after, and fell in love with the dungeon crawl in Tunnels of Doom

I became a Magic: The Gathering player when the Arabian Nights expansion had just left shelves; the age of overpowered cards was waxing, with Moxes and Black Lotuses everywhere, and the metagame was just starting to form; decks were largely thrown together, with Shivan Dragons roaming free, Nightmares stampeding and the power of Channel + Fireball just raising its head. One of my early decks got a 2nd round kill in a local tournement, with a multiply giant growthed Llanowar Elf Beserking across the board to demolish my enemy. Ah, the good old days. I played MtG for ages, hence the enormous appeal of team building and the metagame in Guild Wars. Not surprisingly, my taste in decks changed, from the early quick-kill green and red decks I loved to the subtle blue-white and blue-black (and later, blue-green) decks that could control the play without the need for overpowered monstrosities or weenie hordes.

I got into online gaming recently, and played in a Day of Defeat clan for years - actually, it ended up being the top ranked DoD clan on for about a year; Fraggers Central. Unfortunately, my interest in DoD waned, and with the release of DoD:Source was completely extinguished - I had hoped that it would revitalise my gaming, instead it was a horrible change to the game.

I heard about GW about a year and a half before release, on a Diablo II forum, and checked out the ANet page. Unfortunately, I was on vacation during E3 for everyone, and missed that chance, but have been in on every beta weekend and the halloween preview, so I've been playing now for over 2 years. I knew I would want a good home for my time in GW, and looked around for a guild that would suit me - luckily enough SoF was recruiting during the last beta weekends, and I joined up and haven't looked back.

Took a long break from GW, but have recently returned - to my delight, there is now a pet menageire, and research has continued to try to determine how pets work.

Real Life[edit]

Canadian, male, 35 years old, married, 4 kids, 1.86 m (6'1") tall, statistical researcher with neuroscience background, doing regulatory work in health.

Task List[edit]

Seems a bit ambitious to set out tasks for myself, so far just cleaning up some errors, adding tidbits and such. I poke around with order of effects and skills that seem to break rules, and am very interested in exploring the unused portion of the skill lists.

Of particular interest is anything to do with ranger animal companions - you may see me poking around trying to iron things out there.


I realise many include this - so I'll try: Tetris L told me to make a page on the guildwiki, so I stole a bunch from him (including his funky active-o-meter setup). I don't actually remember where I got everything, if I see something I like it gets put in, but I tend to stick to pretty simple things.