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Normal Mode[edit]

Normal Mode won't be getting a buff overall, but rather a nerf. It'll be made easier in most areas, but also harder in the older areas (read: Prophecies). Effectively, there's no need to change a lot of things, and this is mainly just to bring everything on par to the current idea of balance (which seems to be highly inspired by GW2's "everybody's awesome" philosophy).

  1. Enemy mobs which consist of level 15+ enemies would be given multiple profession groups consisting of half of the campaigns professions (Prophecies=3; Factions/Nightfall=4; Eye of the North=5).
  2. No mob in NM will have skills from non-campaigns (exclusion: Guild Wars Beyond enemies).
  3. Enemies will have between 0 and 6 skills in NM, based on level (6 skills for level 20+). Exception being unique bosses with only monster skills.
  4. Rework enemy builds to equate the current philosophy of balance.
  5. Change the special traits of bosses and boss-like figures.
    • Bosses have the innate +3 regeneration and deals double damage, no matter the campaign.
    • Boss-like foes have +3 regeneration.

Hard Mode[edit]

The Hard Mode changes would be focusing around the idea of removing the "high numbers!" and increasing the quality. It's something hard to do and needs to be done thoroughly. Overall, these changes will not make Hard Mode harder, but rather more variable. It changes the difficulty from quantity to quality, while overall being the same amount.

The following changes are designed to remove the gimmicky and repetitive nature of Hard Mode. Hard Mode has also lost its difficulty in the ever-increasing power creep, though in this department it is an issue of skill balance (or rather, lack of altering monster skills). So along with the list of changes, alterations to a majority - if not all - foe skills would be needed.

  1. Change the movement speed of "33-50% faster" to "10%-25% faster" dependent on level. Levels 22-24 receive 10% speed boost, levels 25-28 receive 15% speed boost, and levels 29+ receive 25% speed boost.
  2. Alter enemies and their skills.
    • NPCs utilize skills from every campaign.
    • All foes will have 8 skills - no more, no less.
    • Enemies can use any 10 profession as a secondary, but primaries are kept to the campaign's availability. Exception to this is elite areas.
    • All professions are viable to be within a group as well. This is not a requirement for all mobs.
    • Enemies' new skill bars would be designed to compliment each other (all will share a common niche (ab)use - such as conditions, melee pressure/shutdown, etc.).
    • To equate the increase variety of enemies, they'd be more spaced out (like how the Black Curtain is during the War in Kryta).
    • All enemies will have at least 8 skills.
    • Uniqueness. Keep each set of mobs from being the same, give certain affiliations and creature types something unique to them and only them.
  3. Alter the amount of Death Penalty gained per death to 5%; likewise remove the +50% experience.
  4. If a harder version of a monster's creature type or affiliation has a monster skill, the lower level versions would obtain them.
  5. Alterations to bosses and boss-like foes:
    • Low-level bosses given expanded skill bars.
    • Bosses has innate 10 healing per second, has the "harder to interrupt" ability, and Natural Resistance no matter the campaign.
    • Boss-like foes have +5 regeneration and Natural Resistance.
  6. Duration consumables now last 50% longer.
  7. Alter Master of Magic so that it doesn't reduce attribute points.

Note: The reasoning behind increasing the duration of consumables as part of the Hard Mode buff is for the casual players. Casual players take longer than farmers or speed clearers, spending more money for less gain. As such, Reducing the duration of the consumables will hurt casual players more than those who always utilize them. An alternative would be to remove use of them or to nerf what the consumables (specifically the unholy trinity) do.