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About Me[edit]

Hi! My gaming name is Fraternal Hero, but I go by Frat or Hero usually. I am part of 'The Pink Animal Clan' and am loving every minute of it! I consider all the members to be my friends and the leader is just awesome, dunno what I would do with out her. Not only is it a guild - but it has become a part of my family. Can't really say that about a lot of guilds in the game, or any game for that matter! I have been playing now for ~35 months with a break now and then. Nothing wrong with taking a breath of fresh air and then jumping in where you left off. I also actively play The Sims 3, and Jade Dynasty. I love building legacies and homes in The Sims 3, and Jade Dynasty caught my eye when you could bot :) I consider myself to be friendly and easy going and I am always trying to help the members of [pink]. I am an officer [we actually call them council instead of Officers], in the main guild "The Pink Clan," and I am the leader of our second guild, "Pink Animal Clan". I also love the fact that our third guild is like our "vacation location" for those that have to be away from game for various reasons. If your ever stuck and need help don't hesitate to give me a shout - or if you would love to join "The Pink Animal Clan" then check us out here - The Pink Animal Clan Forums!

Happy Gaming!

- Frat


I am an Officer in The Pink Clan and leader of Pink Animal Clan.

We have daily events, along with a very helpful guild and alliance!

We have added 'Title' Months to help those that are working on titles. Our nightly events will revolve around what the title of the month will be.

A Week:

Monday Night Sorrows
Toss Up Tuesdays
Faction Wednesdays
Challenging Thursdays
Fissure Fridays
Monthly Alliance Race / Slaving Saturdays
Pink Character Time / Mastering Sundays

B Week:

Maxing Monday
Toss Up Tuesdays
Windmill Vanquishing Wednesdays
Anguishing Thursdays / Primeval Thursdays
Under The World Fridays
Vanquishing Saturdays / Dungeon Delving Saturdays
Pink Character Time / Mastering Sundays

We are luxon and led by a fabulous Leader =)

You can find the Guild Info here or on wiki at here

Fraternal Hero Account[edit]

I have 20+ Characters, across 2 accounts. They are as follows:

Birthday: September, 2, 2009
Birthday: August, 2007
February, 2009
Birthday: September, 2007
Birthday: July, 2009
Birthday: October 24, 2007
Birthday: November 28, 2007
  • Pink Slushy - Canthan
Birthday: 2010
Birthday: February, 2009
Birthday: February, 2009
Birthday: December 3, 2008
Birthday: December, 2007
Birthday: November 12, 2008
Birthday: July, 2008
Birthday: January, 2009

Fraternal Hero Account Titles[edit]

1470000 - Steward of the Luxons (6)
715000 - Ally of the Kurzicks (4)
1201 - Devourer of Wisdom (4)
608 - Advanced Treasure Hunter (3)
19074 - Unlucky (2)
34033 - No title earned

Purrs When Petted Account[edit]

Birthday: September, 2009
Birthday: December 7, 2009
Birthday: November, 2009
  • Rajakumari Amunet - PvP
  • Nefertiti Madison - PvP
  • Bull Mike - [boyfriend's character]

Purrs When Petted Account Titles[edit]

292000 - Friend of the Luxons (2)
20 - No Wisdom title earned
1 - No Treasure Hunter title earned
79 - No title earned
110 - No title earned

Layout Credits[edit]

I received my layout from Moyra, tho I tweaked it a little bit.

I got the Class symbols in Character Screens from Zerpha.

Some Userboxes, and other accessories from Y0, and Seru

Character Templates on main page used from Master Saji

Userbox Field from Noctarch

The Title's Bar's in Character screens were from Cloud Xan