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13 March

Do feel free to skip this bit, but I think it's nice to get to know one another better so I'll share this:

I use smileys. A lot. I didn't use them, of course, in the old days when I was writing for print. But text is an odd medium to begin with, and the immediacy and the starkness of the Internet can, even while bringing us together, actually distance us as well. I use smileys to relate a genuine expression of emotion: I am smiling, therefore I add a smiley. I do appreciate, for those who are not a fan of smileys, the inclusion of emoticons of all sorts can drive you nuts. I honestly don't ask you to adopt my means of expression, but I ask you to bear with me, and know I don't use a smiley frivolously, or meaninglessly, or as a trivial toss-off.

A smiley, to me, is a way to reach out, to convey, "Hey, I'm smiling as I write this." It's a way to explain, to define, to share. I'll try to keep it in check, but I do want those of you reading my forum posts, my wiki comments or my page here to know I'm naturally a person who smiles, who tries to see the positive, who really and truly likes people and likes communicating with people. And that may mean the occasional smiley in my text. :) <-- There, see? I couldn't help it!

Thanks for stopping by. See you in the game! /wave

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 00:25, 13 March 2007 (EDT)

23 March

Hello, again,

It is with great happiness, anticipation, and relief that I say these words: Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Guild Wars 2. :) How sweet it is to be able to speak of these amazing projects, to know that with every week, there will be more that we can share!

Lots of information will be coming out about the expansion pack in the near future. People from throughout our global community will be adding their insights, their thoughts, and the gleanings of a community that encompasses and embraces the entire world. I think you will be really pleased by what GW:EN offers. The very idea of being able to do things, now, that affect your "character family" in Guild Wars 2 is very exciting. The idea of multi-layered dungeons, of meeting new races, of surmounting new challenges and attaining new goals, of continuing the story in ways that reach down to our very hearts... I'm really looking forward to what we have in store!

Stay tuned -- these are exciting times.

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 00:25, 23 March 2007 (EDT)

28 March

It's Wiki Day!

Last week was marvelous -- we got to announce not just one, but two titles. Announcement days are incredibly fun, and a company making a dual announcement may just have been a first, which made it even more exciting. We're really pleased with the community's reaction to news about Guild Wars: Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2 and we can't wait to tell you more. You can see from the media coverage, this is big news. We're keeping the GWW articles for both games up to date with recent links, so you can follow reports from various media outlets, including MSNBC,, Kotaku, and much more.

And today was another great day -- We formally announced the Guild Wars Wiki. This project is another rarity, and one of which we're already quite proud. Inviting the community to not just be involved but actually manage the project means that we're going to continue that special synergy we have had with the Guild Wars players since back even before the E3 for Everyone event in 2004!

If you're new to the GWW, welcome! If you're new to wikis in general or are considering helping out with a wiki for the first time, well, join the club. I've been a reader for a long while, but never a contributor, and boy these things are fun to work on! It's the best sort of group project, and you can make it even better. Questions are quickly and helpfully answered by those who know wikis, and soon you'll be helping others as they get started.

So jump in, any time, and join the GWW family!

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 01:21, 29 March 2007 (EDT)

04 April 2007

Wiki Update: Amazing! 4,292 articles as of this hour!

I wonder who will write Article No. 5,000...

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 11:25, 04 April 2007 (UTC)

20 June 2007

Big Stuffs Coming: Far be it for me to hint, whisper, nudge, or suggest -- I mean, I never do that sort of thing ;p -- but I think it's fair to say, here on this page where I'm sure it'll remain a total secret, there is some information coming soon about Guild Wars: Eye of the North. I've been writing up a flurry of news posts and tossing documents into the global website schedule at an alarming rate. G2 has been peering out of her cage, filled with curiosity about the high-speed clicking of the keyboard and the sorting of various documents.

Now, some of this activity is related to bringing together assets from other places and offering them in one tidy bundle: Screenshots, video, concept art, and wallpapers. And then, some of what's coming is new news, too. Not that I'd want to drop any hints or anything... :)

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 03:15, 21 June 2007 (UTC)

2 July 2007

The Cat is Out of the Bag... sorta: With today's press release, we're finally circulating information about GW:EN. Release date? Check. Pricing? Check. Availability? Check, too. Preorder details? Errrr... That's what's missing! ;)

So you know that we will be having a pre-release bonus package, that it will offer what's being called a "Sneak Peek Weekend" in late August, and that there are some spiffy (count on that!) new items to be had, right? We're doing our best to make sure that everyone learns the fact that, unlike previous releases, people from just about anywhere in the world can order the prerelease package through the PlayNC Store or the In-game (Official Guild Wars) Store. That will give them all that I've mentioned and probably a few things that I've forgotten, too. The nice thing is, you get those access and item keys instantly and can use them the instant they become active. Dang, I wish we'd had it in the past, but I'm so happy that we have this now!

Offer Incoming! Oh, later this week, something cool is coming down the pike. No, no, we're not releasing a new campaign, for free, and next week. Sorry to disappoint. ;) However, we have a new sort of offer -- something we've not done before -- so hold onto your hats and, well, don't make any purchase decisions until you read about it. You can thank me later. :D

Summer Activities: Tomorrow, I will be writing up bits and pieces for our PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) page. We'll be having a contest in advance and many activities during the show. PAX will take place in Seattle in August. I'm very happy about PAX, but crushed -- crushed, I tell you! -- that it's the same weekend as GC, which means I don't get to go to Leipzig again this year. *cries* Let me tell you, Germany is truly wunderbar, GC is amazing, and the players who visited with us made those days last August some of the happiest ever! But then, it's my secret desire -- perhaps not so secret now, eh? -- that Guild Wars should be a presence at gaming shows in France, England, Scandinavia, Italy, Holland, Spain, Russia, Japan... Well honestly, I think Guild Wars should make an appearance at all those shows, and naturally I would want to be there, too. I mean, it's my duty! :)

This week: I wish all Americans reading a safe and happy 4th! And I wish everyone else a nice 4th, too, even if I imagine you won't be blowing stuff up and downing too much apple pie. :D

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 06:14, 3 July 2007 (UTC)

14 July 2007

PBP, BMP, Ho! So, the contents information for the Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack is now "out there," and players are pretty excited about that. What fun it will be to revisit some of the stories of the past, and how nicely it will tie to the whole GW:EN experience, too. We've shared the contents of the GW:EN Prerelease Bonus Pack too, which is good info for people to have. There is more info yet to come this week on dates and so forth. I'm writing up some tasty details about the PBP special items today and we'll share that next week, as well. I do believe we may have crossed uncharted waters with the way that these were designed. Or the "who" involved with their design. 'Nuff said. Anyway, in all this there is a minor point, but one that I've felt obliged to put on record: If anyone ever comes up with the brilliant idea to have two "bonus" anythings in the same season, I've serving up that person's head to a pack of ravening Charr. Sheesh! ;)

Sneak Peek Weekend: You will have heard about the Sneak Peek Weekend. Well, heck, I wrote about it up ^ there, come to think of it. Anyway, the Sneak Peek will take place the weekend of PAX and GC. I don't know if the times are final, but I'm estimating the online event may run something like Noon Friday, August 24, through Sunday night, August 26th, or something of that sort. (Formal details will be provided, don't worry, this is just a casual, early heads up.) Of course, having a Sneak Peek that weekend means that if you're not coming to the shows, you can still join us online. But honestly, if you're local, or can get to Seattle, you might consider coming to PAX. It's a good show with a ton to see and do and we can probably promise that it maybe, might, shouldn't, hopefully won't rain or anything like that. Perhaps. Anyway, rain or not, somebody has to win the contests and take some of this swag off my hands. ;p

A "Trivial" Question *nudge*: For PAX and other events, I think it'll be cool to compile a bunch of trivia questions. I'm thinking most of them should be not too difficult but maybe a few stumpers would be good, too, for the hardcore fans. I've done trivia contests before, and I know that it's possible to go over the top with ultra-esoteric questions, like "What is Prince Rurik's shoe size?" or "Who styles Eve's hair?" (Oh, bleah, did I actually mention "hairdressers?!" :-0 ) Anyway, if you'd like to help, send a trivia question and answer (or a few, if you wish) to Please mark the email with the subject line of "Trivia." Now, we're not looking for a ton of Q's and A's, and this is a real casual thing so we're not offering prizes. I just thought, "Hey, I wonder if players would like to help!?" and wanted to mention it. If you're moved to contribute, that would be marvelous, and thanks in advance.

Coming Soon: Skillzzz: We're going to try something new, to engage players and receive your feedback about the GW:EN Skills. It's a pretty cool project that may kick off as early as next week. Look to the GWW for more information--probably the Gaile News page, since that's where we put the Dev Updates and so forth.

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 18:21, 14 July 2007 (UTC)

27 July 2007

Contest Judging -- One of Our Favourite Things: Today is the day where the entire team is judging the 2007 edition of our Brand the Bosses Contest. Over the last few weeks, various team members have opened, read, sorted, tallied, and generally reviewed every entry in the contest. Entries have gone through two or three reviews and we are now in the midst of selecting the 100 finalists -- which will include 10 winners and 20 honorable mentions -- from a larger semi-final group. If all goes well, we should publish the recognition list on July 31st, as planned. So here's how it's done: After the initial reviews, we created a document with a few hundred names that were readied for semi-final review. The names are printed on eight sheets of paper -- with a space for tallies -- which were then posted on the Wall of Fame outside my office. Yesterday evening, I sent all team members -- designers, writers, artists, programmers, or business folks -- an email asking them to stop by and vote. We set up the ballots, laid out the pencils, and of course displayed an edible reward for all who judge, as is a tradition with community contests. (This time, the tasty treats are green apple-flavoured gummy candies in the shape of a certain well-regarded amphibian.)

The judging has drawn a lot of discussions amongst the team, and there are a few names that are clearly huge winners already. Andrew and Natasha and I can tell when people get to certain names on the lists because we hear the verbal reaction. (Laughter, groans, comments like "Cool" or "Nice!") Some names are drawing passionate commentary, and truth be told, voters may get a little nudge from devs who have chosen a certain name as their personal favourite. We don't allow pre-vote politicking, and we fully respect the confidentiality of all tallies...even if balloting is taking place on paper tacked to a hallway wall. *wink* Izzy suggested he would "grief the vote" by choosing more than 10, so we're watching him like a hawk. Joe, one of the programmers, spotted an anagram, and discussion erupted as to whether that could be allowed. A few will get "sanity checked" to assure they're not already in the game. Lots of great entries from an amazing number of countries. It will be almost impossibly difficult to get down to just 100. This has been a great contest, and today has been a particularly fun afternoon. :)

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 21:47, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

1 August 2007

PAX Preparations: I went over to GameWorks today with Mike to meet with the staff and plan some of the activities we'll be having during our After Hours Party at PAX. We settled on three games for the skill challenges, and then decided to toss in a few raffles for the Early Access Guests as well. We reviewed the food and drink orders, added a few snacks, and then scoped out the space so that I am sure to have plenty of room for my Swag Station. We'll be starting at 6:00 PM with the Early Access hour, then at 7:00 PM we'll throw the doors open and the challenges and prize giving will continue until party's end.... or as long as supplies last. ;)

GameWorks gave us a preview of the cool new bar/restaurant area. It's still under construction, and it turns out that ArenaNet will be the very first company to host a party in the new space. We finalized the admission tickets -- I'm voting to call them "Access Keys" :) -- and I just put in a request for some colourful signage and prize tickets for the skill challenges. Things are sure moving along, and PAX is only 22 days away!

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 00:45, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

12 August 2007

Fancy a trip to Paris? I opened my email on August 9th -- which just happened to be my birthday -- to see a rather intriguing subject line in my in-box. "Hmmm," I thought, "Jen from NCsoft Europe is writing about Paris? What's that all about?" Figuring I was probably a CC on an email to Jeff Strain or Mike O'Brien about some upcoming press event, I clicked open the email with a sigh, thinking "Lucky them!" Turns out, it's lucky me! NCsoft Europe is going to be participating in the Festival du Jeu Vidéo in Paris next month, and I'm invited to attend!

Upon this realization, I scraped myself off the ceiling, settled George the Cat, who had fled in terror at my very loud "WOOHOOO!" and followed the link to learn that the FJV is a very big deal, very much like the wonderful Games Convention that I attended last year in Leipzig, Germany. Now, I can't go to GC this year because we're presenting GW:EN at PAX in Seattle those same days, and it's not possible to attend two shows on two continents on the same weekend. (I'd dearly like to try, but the Powers that Be suggest otherwise. ;) ) Anyway, the beauty of this is, with the Paris event a month later, I'm on!

And now, several times a day, I just stop and murmur "Paris!" And grin until it hurts.

I will have to ask some of our French players for ideas on places to go. I'm thinking The Louvre, of course, and Notre Dame; the Eiffel Tower, I should imagine, and Versailles. The Arc d'Triomphe -- it appears you can get inside and go to the top? Can I get to Normandy and tour the WWII battlefields on a day trip from Paris? Are there any good castles nearby? (I'm a major castle nut.) Will it be ok that I don't speak French? Or will I find myself in a bad situation with that? (I mean, I adore the language, but my vocabulary is limited to a handful of words and I'm sure I'd be too embarrassed even to use those.)

In the meantime, quelle joie! (I think that's right. Maybe. ;) )

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 23:46, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

29 August 2007

PAX Wrap-Up The Penny Arcade Expo was a hoot and a half. I won't do a major write up -- we have more than enough on the main website Pax Pages, but I did pen a few thought about the community side of things:

We never thought so many fans would know so much about our game! But they proved to be masters of minutiae and legendary lore learners. Congratulations to all who won Factions, Nightfall and GW:EN t-shirts, Series #2 skill pin sets, the G15 Keyboards, and the excellent G5 and G7 gamer mouses (mice?) courtesy of Logitech.
Thank you to the 2007 Super Fans, who traveled from as near as Seattle and Bellevue and as far as California, Alberta, New Jersey, Colorado, Ontario, Ohio, and Virginia to be with us for this splendid event. It was truly an inspiration to read your entries and everyone on the Guild Wars Team enjoyed meeting you very much.
The Miniature Grawl giveaway was a definite success. We found homes for several hundred grawls, to the delight of those who had made PAX arrangements specifically to capture the latest mini. We will be offering more "Grawl Giveaways" in the future, but for now, we want to thank the adoptive parents and remind them, don't feed those critters after midnight.

In all, it was a fantastic weekend, and I can't wait to do it again. In 2008: More contests! More prizes! More party! More more! :)

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 19:20, 29 August 2007 (UTC)

31 August 2007

And a lovely release it was. The party began about 7:00 PM, when family members started arriving at the studio. It was great to see everyone together again, for even if we'd just had the party at PAX the weekend before, there were so many more who were able to make the studio party, including all the little "minis" of the dev team members -- sons and daughters ranging in size from napping newborns on up. ArenaNet has had a big crop of babies this year and the bigger kids all seemed to have sprouted several inches since the last release party. Which was... just 10 months ago? Time flies!

At about 9:00, Jeff, Mike, and Patrick said a few words and each employee got a copy of GW:EN. It's a very nice box, as always, and I was much tempted to just install the game and forget the rest of the party, but that seemed a little unsocial, so I visited with people instead. Some of the devs broke off into the smaller conference rooms to play board games and card games of varying kinds. (Note to self: Miss Scarlett in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe.) I kept visiting the forums and watching to see if we had store issues (thankfully only a few, and most quickly resolved) or other concerns, and I popped into the game a couple of times to give progress reports.

As 11:55 PM Pacific we headed into a larger open area in the offices where a big-screen TV was set up to video conference in our teams in Seoul, Korea; Austin, Texas; and Brighton, England. Jeff said a few words, Mike O'Brien said a few more, and T.J. Kim, president of NCsoft, also gave a greeting. A few words from a couple of others and we counted down to the "go live" hour.

I then came home and started to play, only to find myself sitting upright in my chair, sound asleep. I think what awoke me was my ranger saying "Humph!" and tapping her foot impatiently when I once again nodded off and crashed her into a wall trying to get her out into the quest area. Knowing that I'd met my match in the Sleep Monster, I headed to bed, to dream of broken flutes, baby moas and diamond-encrusted clay bricks dancing to Wagnerian-themed Soule music.

Do I love our new game? I most Asura-dly do! (Sorry, sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 07:16, 1 September 2007 (UTC)

19 September 2007

Paris, Here I Come! My bags are packed and sitting beside the door. George the Cat is at my feet, getting one last cuddle, and it's off to the airport in less than an hour. I have a 6-day museum pass, a Metro (underground/subway) pass, an open-air bus pass, two Paris guide books and a French phrase book, as well. This is so exciting! I'll write next from Paris, the City of Lights. And if you're attending the Festival du Jeu Vidéo, please stop by the Koch Media booth, where NCsoft is presenting, and say "bonjour!"

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 16:32, 19 September 2007 (UTC)

20 September 2007

Hallo, from Paris. Landed in Paris this morning after a 12-hour flight with a connection in Detroit. Took the train and Metro (underground/subway) to the hotel and checked in, then made a bee-line for the Starbucks just two blocks away. (What can I say? I'm a Seattlite -- my Starbucks Radar went off before I crested the top stair of the Metro station. :) )

Having gotten a Venti Caffe Latte fortification, it was time to stroll around the surrounding neighborhood, browse a fantasy bookshop, peek in the window of a marvelous-looking sweet shop, and check out the many great-looking places to eat, with an eye to dinner tonight.

The NCsoft team arrived a bit later, and we met up and went back into the village to have delicious cider and crepes. Julien, the French-language community coordinator, is very nice. It was great to have the chance to meet him, after so many months on email and phone calls. Julien has been extremely helpful in setting up the Guild Wars presentation at the show. He graciously asked if Izzy and I would mind doing a Q&A session on Sunday, and I said "Bring it on!" Izzy and I have done tandem Q&As before, and I think they work very well, because we can enhance each other's answers and give players a more-detailed answer.

Saturday is the day that the GvG championship series takes place. The winner will claim the French championship title. It's great to see how the French fansites have come together to organize this event and I'm sure the finals will be exceptional. I will be at the show on Saturday and Sunday, and I hope that I get the chance to meet a lot of European Guild Wars players!

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 17:04, 20 September 2007 (UTC)

25 September 2007

And what a show it was! The Festival du Jeu Vidéo is a great show, and only in its second year. We had a ton of Guild Wars players in our booth. Many times, the crowd was four or five deep around a computer! I had the great fortune to meet players from France, Belgium, Germany, and a few other countries as well, in addition to the pleasure of working with the excellent Julien Crevits (French-language CC for Guild Wars) and several other great NCsoft staff members. I'll have to share more -- including many photographs -- but for now, I must say that the show was an experience I'll always treasure. Merci beaucoup aux joueurs de Guild Wars ainsi qu'au personnel de NCsoft Europe !

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 21:32, 25 September 2007 (UTC)

27 September 2007

To know Paris is to Louvre Paris. ;) After three days of intensive touring, I'm here to report that yes, it is possible to lose all feeling in one's lower extremities simply from walking on marble floors, standing gaping before Rembrandts and Da Vincis, climbing spiral staircases, wandering the dark, dank, and creepy catacombs, and scrunching down to get just the right angle for a photograph of stunning stained glass that soars so far overhead you're sure you glimpse a real angel's wing just at the top. Tuesday: The Conciergerie (which might be the coolest French word yet, and yes, I can say it perfectly!), Sainte Chappelle, and the Grand Tour (bus) of Paris. Wednesday, the Pantheon, L'Eglise Ste. Genevieve, a return to Notre Dame (I wanted to see more of the exterior), and The Paris Catacombs. Today, Musee Louvre. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to experience all these amazing places. Sainte Chapelle is stunningly beautiful, the Conciergerie is magnificent, the Pantheon is impressive, and the Catacombs are sort of a combination of awesome and spooky (which is a very good thing), and the Louvre is... the Louvre. Which is better than anyone can possibly describe. Seriously.

Tomorrow the choices are: Versailles or Les Invalides. Is it a day for the stuff of kings, or of emperors? I think the weather will be the guide, as I'd like to see the gardens of Versailles and it would be wise to choose a rain-free day for that. I like history a great deal, and both places have lots to see, so I'm looking forward to visiting them very much. For now, bonsoir!

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 22:10, 27 September 2007 (UTC)

3 October 2007

Home again, Home again, jiggety jig. It was 17 hours from the door of the hotel in Paris to the door of my home. George the Cat was very happy to see me, setting up an instant storm of yowling protests the instant my key hit the door lock. "Yes, yes," I told Sir Svelteness, my 20-pound Beluga Siamese cat, "I'm sure you've honestly not had a single bite to eat since I left 12 days ago! The cat sitters were horrible, never showed up, and the empty cans in the recycling bin are all fakes!" ;)

I went through a pile of mail and then jumped into the forums and the GWW, where I realize I've some serious archiving to do. "Warning, pages over 32 KBs are difficult to edit. Your page is 42,109.5 KB." Or somethin' like that. Getting caught up at work, I learned that the /report system seems to have been quite well received, that we'll be tweaking it to improve it, based in part on player feedback, and that the designers seem to be cooking up a few more updates for this month. It's nice to be back, but oh, do I miss Paris already.

--Gaile User gaile 2.png 23:00, 3 October 2007 (UTC)

12 October 2007

Season's Greetings! Fall is definitely in the air. In fact, summer left town without so much as a good-bye kiss. One day: balmy breezes and cerulean sky. The next: clammy morning fog turning to afternoon showers and evening rains. Fortunately for me, I adore the weather in Seattle. Mostly because, you know, we actually have weather. Where I was born (SoCal) one day blends into the next month and there's just nothing to signal "Hey, it's winter now." I know this because I've gone to the beach on Christmas Day. *yawn* Now, that's not to disparage those who like that sort of predictable "everything's sunny" sort of weather. But living in England alerted me to the fact that "Hey, leaves change colours, and sometimes it's actually grey overhead. Nice!" These days I'm totally in favour of Big Weather Drama(tm). I'm for howling windstorms, even if they knock out the power for three days, and rain that bounces a foot off the pavement and, occasionally blessed snow! And in the spring, weather so perfect it makes your heart ache.

What got me started on that? Hmmm... I think it was decorating for Halloween. Natasha and I have been busy getting up some of the three boxes of decorations for the office. (That's not looking at the five boxes I have at home). Someone asked for pictures of a few of our "decor elements." I'll take my camera and try to get a few shots. It's just a few lights. And a tinsel garland. A couple of ornaments. And... stuff.

Enjoy the season, everyone! And don't forget to enter the Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest 2007! I want to see something wonderful from all of you!

-- Gaile User gaile 2.png 21:06, 12 October 2007 (UTC)

3 December 2007

Weather to Go, or Not to Go...!

Driving to work today, I considered the falling rain and the rising water level, and wondered if I was going to end up driving to to work, or floating. Wasn't it Richard Dreyfuss in "Jaws" who said, "I think we need a bigger car?" Anyway, just as I was pondering the situation and doing mental water displacement equations for my tiny car versus the large nearby rivers, I got a call from Jeff Strain telling me that our office park was flooded and they were closing all entrances and exits and conducting an orderly but immediate evacuation. No, I don't mean choppers in the sky and people getting pulled off of rooftops. Or at least I don't think it went that far. ;)

But those "rumours" you hear about rain and Seattle? They're all true! People come here for a visit in the summer, they sometimes even move here thinking, "Eh, how rainy can it be?" And they find out! For while we don't have the precipitation statistics of a few others cities, I think the difference is we have pretty much a steady rainfall -- light, heavy, misty, pounding, gentle, tumultuous -- from sometime in late-October or early-November until, oh, April or May. Sure, we'll have clear days and sunshine once in a while, but for the most part, the six-month forecast is for clouds ranging from grey to charcoal, slate to leaden, with the occasional leavening of white and ivory to break things up.

I love rain. It comes in so many varieties, and it's just so fascinating to watch and hear. Plus, befriending the rain prepares one for some of the greater challenges of life! I was at Disneyland several years ago. It began to drizzle. Honestly, it was so light, you would walk between the raindrops! Yet 98% of the park visitors were panicked, huddling under trees, crouching in doorways, wringing their hands and saying, "Oh, no, something wet is falling from the skies -- how will we cope?" This park visitor was thinking "Oh, goodie -- the lines will be shorter!" The Emporium and Disney Clothiers and a dozen other shops pulled out a supply of plastic parkas and did a land-office business selling them to the park visitors. I carried on and enjoyed a record number of rides in a few hours, without the "Plastic Bag Couture," thank you very much. ;)

I'm sure we all be back at work tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm working from home. And listening to the rain. :)

-- Gaile User gaile 2.png 18:10, 3 December 2007 (UTC)

21 December 2007

It's beginning to look at lot like...

It's magic, I swear it is. There's just something wonderful about the Wintersday Festival. Strings of decorations, giant gingerbread, a splendid lighted tree in the center of Lion's Arch... If it gets any better than this, I don't know where, or when. :)

I want to share something with you: A lot of the extras -- a lot of the most special elements of the festivals -- are added as special gifts from various team members. Maybe it's a new quest, or a special piece of art, or a bit of storywriting, or the code that makes it all happen. Guild Wars team members do a lot to create the festivals during the days leading up to these events, and sometimes during the nights and weekends, too. They give the events a special level of effort, time, and -- as you can easily see! -- extraordinary creativity. Forgive me if I enthuse, but I'm just a major fan of the whole team. I can't draw for nothin'. Couldn't come up with the story ideas or the programming to save my life. I look at the complexity of the level designs, consider the elegance of the animations, check out the splendid art, and peek at the millions of strings of code or text, and my mind boggles. I'm in awe of the GW team, but never more so than when Lion's Arch and Kamadan are infused with the beauty of the Wintersday event.

I hope to see a lot of you in the game this Wintersday Festival. I'll be in Lion's Arch quite a lot. You know what they say about "Home for the Holidays!" :)

-- Gaile User gaile 2.png 08:41, 22 December 2007 (UTC)

6 February 2008

Festival Fun

The announcement of this year's Canthan New Year Festival sent considerable shockwaves around the community. Well, ok, those weren't exactly shockwaves. In fact, the uproar was merely the reverberation of a million Ghosts-in-a-Box, Snowman Summoners, Firecrackers, Bottle Rockets, and other fun "toys" getting mass-released in celebration of the newest title track: The Party Animal. Now, it's not just fun to prank a dozing guildie with a bunch of shrieking GotBs, or to glow like a pumpkin or dance like an elf, you can all do that and score some title points, too.

There's more about the title, but I'm not, as the expression goes, "at liberty to discuss it" quite yet. I think perhaps an extra element will be discovered soon, and I have it on good authority from an amphibian friend of mine, you may not wish to expend all your party goods right away. He seems to have some sort of inside info -- as he so often does -- so I'm holding onto some of my party supplies for sure.

With miniatureS to be had, along with Rollerbeetle Racing, Dragon Arena competition, 9 Rings, Dragon Nest, fortunes, quests, and cooking fun, this is going to be a great weekend. See you there!

-- Gaile User gaile 2.png 08:38, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

23 February 2008

Pre-Birthday Musings

As I imagine you know, the third year anniversary of Guild Wars is coming around the bend. Yes, at 12:01 AM Pacific on April 28, 2005, Patrick Wyatt, co-founder of ArenaNet, pressed the button to make Guild Wars "live." We gathered around his monitor (CRT, in those days ;) ) holding our breaths, watching the numbers rise as players poured into the game. We started counting aloud, "50, 100, 200, 500..." in a matter, really, of just a few seconds. What a wonderful feeling it was, to see the community grow, member by member. What a delight it is, today, to see that many Guild Wars players have remained connected to the game and the community, even after nearly three years! And for those who don't play daily, or who only pop back for holiday events, that's ok -- you're still part of the family.

So, I thought as a family project, it would be fun for us all to share our guesses about the third year miniatures. I've placed my bold predictions (completely without any "inside info," I assure you!) on a new page. You're invited to join me in having fun predicting the 3rd Year Birthday Miniatures. Head on over to the Third Year Miniature Guesses page!

-- Gaile User gaile 2.png 23:25, 23 February 2008 (UTC)

08 March 2008

Of Art and Articles

My, my, Guild Wars Wiki -- how you have grown! With the influx of pages about the Design-a-Weapon (2007) Contest items, there has been quite a bit of heightened activity on these pages over the last couple of days. And it's a good thing your guys are keeping at it, because the closest I'm going to get to some of those items is seeing their screenshots here. :) I was in the game a couple of times in the last 48 hours, and it seems that players are really enjoying the new items, and are having a blast with the "treasure hunt" concept involved in their discovery. I'm told by John, our "items guy," that the weapons and items are not going to be super-rare. That is, they will not be Miniature Ghostly Hero rare or something of that nature. However, they'll probably remain a bit unusual and they are tastefully mod-able. A hearty "well done" to the first finders, and a thanks, too, for sharing the images and in some cases info on the locations or hints for acquiring them, as well. We're looking forward to adding another batch of items in a few weeks!

And speaking of "thanks," we'd like to give a callout to the contributor to add the monumental 15,000th article to the GWW, User:The Great Tomato, contributor, helper, and owner of a darned attractive user page! Congrats, TGT! I'm not sure what the Door Handle of Destiny is, exactly, but it does sound truly epic! ;)

We've entered a new epoch in GWW history. Make your mark!

-- Gaile User gaile 2.png 19:46, 8 March 2008 (UTC)