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This is the user page of JonTheMon, one of the bureaucrats on this wiki. I am also a moderately experienced GW player who has been playing GW for around 3 years. With the decline of MEEP I've rejoined a guild of RL friends PWM. I also bum around sometimes with Gems Of Destiny; they're fun.

Tyria... *sigh* (and now I have to generate motivation... )


  • N: Mawbar Arthun
  • W: Bravely Ran Away
  • Mo: Mother Superior Ann
  • E: Morgan Of The Lake
  • D: Minerva Arcbane
  • Me: Lucifer Powerlord
  • A: Blade From Behind
  • R: Jon The Montan
  • P: Cu Chulainn Bazett

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