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PvE This user plays PvE only.
From United States of America
Age 25 years old
Server America
Played 1030 hours in 11 month(s)
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Eye of the North
Guild Noble Order Of Valiant Angels
Alliance Kurzick
Best Title Protector of Tyria
Favorite Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Favorite Campaign Nightfall
Favorite Skill Mesmer Illusionary Weaponry

About Me[edit]

DK JSW posing with a dragon.

Well, I'm not entirely sure what I want to say here, so I'll go for the basics: I'm 25 years old in Oklahoma City, OK, and have friends all across the globe (the Internet is a wonderful thing). My clan, the Deathknights, were playing Guild Wars and were having a lot of fun, so I got the game and became hooked ever since. I started with Prophecies and then got Nightfall, Factions, and Eye of the North. I eventually got my hands on the Nightfall Collector's Edition (and, no, you may NOT have my Varesh Minipet!) as well as the Bonus Mission Pack and additional character slots, so as you can see, I've put a lot of time and money into this game. I do plan on buying Guild Wars 2 when it comes out, and I can hardly wait, although I'm still working on my characters here.

I'm no expert on the game, but I help out whenever I can. I mainly play with my guild-mates, or even my alliance-mates, but I sometimes do a pug if I'm really bored, so I may see you in the game! :)

User boxes[edit]

That page just has all the userboxes that I've found that I really liked (and a couple that I actually made on my own ^_^).


  • Jupiter Star Warrior's first character (Dk Jsw) was created purely out of ignorance; he didn't know the differences in the different professions, and so chose a Mesmer due to it being a spellcaster.
  • All JSWs friends call him "Jup".
  • "Jupiter Star Warrior" came from a Sailor Moon fan-fiction he was writing back in High School. His friend suggested that name, and he loved it so much, he stuck with it.
  • Is a Deathknight!
  • Dragons Rule!

Wiki Editing[edit]

If I'm in the wrong, I'm in the wrong. Please let me know via my talk page. Thanks.

I've two templates: Dragons Rule! and In Oklahoma

Special Pages[edit]

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