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  • I'm a SAHM to a beautiful four month old baby...which means, when I'm lucky enough to have some "me" time, I'm on Guild Wars. I'm shamelessly addicted to this game. Hey, there are worse addictions...
  • I've played GW since Day 1. I deleted the first few stabs at my characters before finally creating Ailis Braeden about 6 months or so later. She's, by far, the best character I have.
  • Dream job would be to be a writer for Anet or, really, any game company - developing storylines for games and writing scripts, quests, etc. I'm a fantasy/sci-fi writer and avid reader of those genres and more. I wonder how one lands said dream job when one has no experience writing for a game - just has a ton of ideas for storylines...

If you need something, please leave a message on my talk page.

My Guild
  • Special Spartans [SLOW] is really an inside joke between my fiance and myself. We are the only two members and enjoy running around all three continents being rather...slow.
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  • I am thoroughly addicted to Xbox Live Arcade and am ecstatic about the releases of Sonic, Sonic 2, & Bomberman.
  • I'm really, really looking forward to Guild Wars 2.
  • I'd like to be more active on Wiki and, eventually, join the GWW Helpers Program, but I need to contribute more first.
  • Currently working on shortening the Image Needed since I have a badass computer to take screenshots with.
  • Also going to help with cleaning up the Image Update Needed page.
  • Thanks to Indochine for ideas and boxes and for having an awesomely laid-out user page.
  • Thanks also to Helena for her awesome character templates.
  • And, finally, to anyone whose userbox I ganked/edited/etc, gratz.