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Warrior Markus Clouser[edit]

Born in Echovald Forest (actual location unknown). He never met his parents as they lost their lives fighting the Luxons. He and his brothers and sisters were raised far from the war zone, on Shing Jea Island. In Shing Jea Monastery he learned to wield axes, swords, hammers and even bows. At the age of 18 he left the monastery with two friends under the guidance of Master Togo. In short time he pledged for the Kurzicks and was recruited by Scions of Haven [SoH]. With the help of his guild he climbed the ranks with ease. He was the great leader of [ema|emd] alliance until around 1080 AE. Not much is known about the old warrior, only that he left a large treasure somewhere hidden for other heroes to discover.

— The Unknown Historian (gathered from various sources)

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  • As I learned to fly steel through the air, I enjoyed using the axes the most. "Warrior Endurance" is my favorite elite skill.
  • Favorite Build
Warrior's Endurance.jpg
Warrior's Endurance
Wild Blow.jpg
Wild Blow
Power Attack.jpg
Power Attack
Asuran Scan.jpg
Asuran Scan
Furious Axe.jpg
Furious Axe
Burst of Aggression.jpg
Burst of Aggression
Endure Pain.jpg
Endure Pain
  • Think at Warrior's Endurance and Burst of Aggression as being one big battery on steroids. This allows you to use only energy skills if you wish to. Counterattack gives you 6 energy back. This often helps when you want to maintain Endure Pain.
  • Variations may include using Ear Bite, Keen Chop instead of Asuran Scan or "I Am The Strongest!" instead of Furious Axe. This build can also be run by either Sword, Axe or Hammer based warriors since it uses only Strength & PvE only skills. That also helps when you need to use skills from a different profession you can lower you Axe/Sword/Hammer Mastery to 9 so you can add attribute points to the secondary profession, without affecting the other 6 skills on your skillbar.
  • I've tested this build on all campaigns, in HM, etc.
  • Tips: Use Wild Blow to end the stance of your enemy. Use "I Am The Strongest!" before going in battle so you can artificially gain 5 energy.
  • Counters: Take care when blocked because you can easily lose all energy: Warrior Endurance brings no energy.
  • PvP: The base of this build won't be as effective like in PvE because in PvP Warrior's Endurance is changed from "Elite Skill" to "Elite Stance" canceling and being canceled by Burst of Aggression.

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Cape emblem156.png This user was the proud leader of [ema emd].
Togo (disguise).jpg Togo Fact #19: He never breaks lockpicks. He breaks chests.