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Elite Mercenaries Of Abaddon [ema] | Elite Mercenaries Of Dhuum [emd]

Elite Mercenaries Of Abaddon (historical) [ema]
Elite Mercenaries Of Dhuum [emd]
Territory International
Language English
Leader Markus Clouser / Marcus Clouser
Faction Kurzick
Type HM PvE
No. of members ~200
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone "around the clock"

[ema] and [emd] are two sister Hard Mode orientated guilds, focused mainly on Title Hunting, as of November 2009 and September 2010 respectively. For [ema] the roster got bigger and bigger every week and after less than three months the Guild Leader and its two Officers succeeded in having 100 members for the first time and that without players inactive for 2 weeks or more. [emd] recently started its activity in [ema] alliance, in three days reaching 100 members with only the GL and one officer. Currently both [ema] and [emd] are still actively recruiting.

Who are we?

I am Markus Clouser, [ema] Guild Leader. Necro Stephanie, Mei Fen, and Cojuer Dheuto are the 2nd in command. Steph, Mei, and I created [ema] because we wanted to make Hard Mode easier. We also know each other in real life.

[ema] officers

  • Necro Stephanie
  • Mei Fen
  • Mighty Was Edi
  • Kovu Fiercemane
  • Kval Vault
  • Ballin Was This Guy
  • Weza Sabreclaw

[emd] officers

  • Marcus Clouser
  • Katherina Angelz
  • Serathina Morgan

About our members

  • We always recruited (and kept) players that are mature enough for us and know their way around in game, players that enjoy doing everything from Vanquishes, Hard Mode missions, Dungeons, Elite Areas (Fissure of Woe, Underworld, Urgoz's Warren, The Deep, Sorrow's Furnace) to Zaishen Missions, Shining Blade Bounties and Challenge Missions.
  • We currently have ~200 members and we haven't had below 95 since we first reached 100 members with both our guilds.
  • About 70-80 players were online in the past 24h.
  • For us it has always been "quality before quantity" and it seems that the other members think the same.
  • We kick people if they get to 2 weeks of inactivity.
  • We have members online around the clock, one of the good things we get for being an international guild with members from Europe, US, Australia and even Asia.
  • For us an officer is way more than a player who sometimes makes some recruiting.


Even though we reached 200 members, we still recruit players!

  • Whisp me, Markus Clouser or any other officer and if we have a spot open you'll get an invite right away. If we're full, we will keep your name on our waiting list and send you the invite as soon as we have room in our roster - if this happens it is better to leave your current guild (if you are in any) so that we can be able to invite you, otherwise you'll have to wait until we see each other online.

More about us


Cape emblem156.png This user is a proud member of [ema].
Cape emblem156.png This user is a proud member of [ema].


  • We offer to our alliance everything we offer to our members.
  • We have an Alliance Forum and an Alliance Ventrilo server.
  • We're currently scouting for PvE guilds that share our interests!
  • Our alliance, list updated December 2nd, 2010:

Elite Mercenaries Of Abaddon Alliance
Leader Elite Mercenaries Of Abaddon
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