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Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki doesn't have a page about Master Togo but it should totally have one.
Historic content.png Note: Master Togo likes to time travel. He is one of the two people who own a Flux Capacitor. The other is Doc. Emmett Brown.
Master Togo doesn't care about the Guild Wars Wiki maintenance.

Disambig icon.png This article is about real facts about Master Togo. For more about this amazing ritualist, see Master Togo.
Master Togo
Master Togo.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Profession Ritualist Ritualist
Level(s) 80
Campaign Factions

Is Togo the Chuck Norris of Guild Wars?

Dj Furyan, bladeradio DJ

I think Togo is a pretty cool guy. eh gets keeld and doesn't afraid of anything

— A troll in Shing Jea AD1

  • Togo drank 10.000 minutes of alcohol in one shot and maxed Drunkard.
  • Togo finished Polymock and didn't get bored.
  • Togo once danced with Abaddon and won.
  • Togo once did a roundhouse kick. Since then Shing Jea Monastery has an empty space in the middle.
  • Togo is so cool that he has his own explorable area.
  • Togo once got angry at sensali and since then we call it aviary flu.
  • There is only one person cooler than Master Togo: young Master Togo
  • Why did the Charr cross the wall? To get an audience with Master Togo.
  • Togo forgave Shiro Tagachi for trying to kill him so he released Shiro in his menagerie.
  • Togo got Legendary Survivor and Legendary Defender of Ascalon.
  • Togo never dies. He uses Feign Death.
  • Shiro's Blades are Q13 because Togo said so.
  • Togo can divide by zero. Repeatedly.
  • Togo once maxed all titles and didn't get "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals". He skipped to "I am the balls".
  • Togo only displays one title: "Master of all. (Togo)"
  • There is no Day/Night alternation in Guild Wars because Togo shaved his head.
  • Togo may be the only one able to slay Laggrawr.
  • Togo can undedicate miniatures, but he simply doesn't want to.
  • Togo never breaks lockpicks. He breaks chests.
  • Togo doesn't have 8 skills on his bar like you. He has only one, leaving the other 9 slots blank.
  • Hard Mode wasn't a necessity but Togo once finished all three campaigns in a single day .. by himself .. and thought it was way too easy.
  • When Togo finished all three campaigns in Hard Mode in a day and a half, by himself, he asked for Even Harder Mode.
  • Not only can Togo walk on sulfur but he can dance and sing too.
  • Togo once went to Elona. Since it's dubbed "The Land of The Golden Sun".
  • Togo doesn't need Resurrection Shrines. Resurrection Shrines need Togo.
  • Togo doesn't have to death level, he levels death.
  • Togo went to pre-Searing Ascalon once, and died. All monsters hit level 32. Anet had to spend 5 hours with offline servers to put them back at their original level.
  • Togo once casted Spirit Rift while visiting Orr, The Cataclysm was the result.
  • Togo has his own country, Togo.
  • When Togo uses Signet of Spirits, ALL spirits are summoned.