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  • I've been playing since August 2008
  • Factions was my first campaign
  • I also have Guild Wars: Factions - Collector's Edition
  • My first character was Markus Clouser, which also remained my primary
  • All my armors are dyed black, white or red
  • Warrior > Ritualist > Monk > Assassin > Paragon > Elementalist > Necromancer > Dervish
  • I don't have a ranger or paragon (deleted the paragon to make room for a mesmer)
  • I have a secondary account
  • I collect collector items
  • I'm a "lore whore"
  • I have the Bonus Mission Pack
  • I have the /aion emote
  • I watch Guild Wars 2 Wiki for article changes. I also watch the number of articles
  • "What is your story?" I'll probably make a video to promote GW2. Gotta enlarge the lore for Markus a bit here and there.
  • Charlie Clouser
  • My guild 2 months old guild, [ema], recruited member #100 today (25 Jan 2010)! (all members active within the last 7 days)
  • Along with Cojuer Dheuto, I recruited 100 people in 3 days for our second HM guild, [emd].
  • I hosted all the events from Canthan New Year 2010 in Shing Jea - International - District 8
  • I dismantle.
  • I

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