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Armor Sets

Armors - "Monument of Resilience"[edit]

For my armor, I always tend to use the best materials Tyria has to offer.

Core & Prophecies Elite Armor: 7/7

Obsidian Elite Dragon Elite Gladiator Elite Platemail Elite Charr Elite Templar *Flowing
Warrior Obsidian armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Dragon armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Gladiator armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Platemail armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Charr Hide armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Templar armor m.jpg Monk Flowing armor f.jpg
Male Male Male Male Male Male Female

* This set belongs to Lady Deidre Clouser.

Factions Elite Armor 5/5

Elite Canthan Elite Kurzick Elite Luxon **Elite Exotic **Elite Imperial
Warrior Elite Canthan armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Kurzick armor m.jpg Warrior Elite Luxon armor m.jpg
Ritualist Elite Exotic armor f.jpg
Ritualist Elite Imperial armor f.jpg
Male Male Male Female Female

** This set belongs to Klaudia Clouser.

Nightfall Elite Armor 4/4

Elite Sunspear Vabbian Ancient Primeval
Warrior Elite Sunspear armor m.jpg Warrior Vabbian armor m.jpg Warrior Ancient armor m.jpg Warrior Primeval armor m.jpg
Male Male Male Male

Eye of The North Elite Armor 4/4

Norn Monument Asuran Silver Eagle
Warrior Norn armor m.jpg Warrior Monument armor m.jpg Warrior Asuran armor m.jpg Warrior Silver Eagle armor m.jpg
Male Male Male Male

Armor Combinations[edit]

Vabbian Based
  • Favorite Armor Combinations:
Vabbian Based
White Elite Sunspear Helm
Red Vabbian Cuirass
Destroyer Gauntlets
White Vabbian Leggings
Red Primeval Boots

Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle Based:
Silver Crown or Ice Shard Crest
White Silver Eagle Cuirass
Glacial Gauntlets
White Silver Eagle Leggings
White Silver Eagle Boots

Bulky Warrior
Bulky Warrior
Red Mask of the Mo Zing
White Norn Cuirass
White Dragon Gauntlets
White Monument Leggings
Red Primeval Boots

Spike Norn
Spike Norn
Red Grenth's Visage
Black Norn Cuirass
Black Norn Gauntlets
Black Norn Leggings
White Primeval Boots

Sunspear Combo
White Sunspear
White Elite Sunspear Helm
White Elite Sunspear Cuirass
White Dragon Gauntlets
White Elite Kurzick Leggings
White Prmeval Boots

Gladiator Reaper
Gladiator Reaper
Black Shining Blade Cowl
Black Elite Gladiator Hauberk
Black Elite Gladiator Gauntlets
Black Elite Dragon Leggings
Black Primeval Boots


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