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As a child I never had my parents close but I always had the support of my brothers and sisters.


Paragon Soliferr Clouser[edit]

  • After the age of 7, Soliffer was taken in Istan. The monks from Shing Jea Monastery thought he was showing the signs of a God-blessed child and the most suitable education for him was that of the Paragons. It appears that there might be some other reasons for his leaving from the monastery but there are no records that can make this theory plausible.
  • At the age of 19 we met again in Kamadan, only to learn that he was among the highest ranks of the Sunspears.
  • Soliferr got his name in Istan after he saved an old man (and later revealed as a well-respected retired sunspear), only months after his arival on the island. The old sunspear gave him a Deldrimor Spear and Shield that he acquired in the tyrian battles. Soliferrum was the Dwarven name for an ancient ranged pole weapon made entirely of iron. The soliferrum was a heavy hand-thrown javelin, designed to be thrown to a short distance of up to 30 meters.

Elementalist Sir Andrej Clouser[edit]

  • He was thought to be the un-gifted brother as he didn't presented any potential for weapons or magic.
  • He studied in Shing Jea Monastery but at the age of 7 he was given to a family in Pongmei. At 15 he started working for various farmers from the island.
  • He wears very expensive clothing for a farmer boy. There are rumors that say he worked on a trader boat on the route Istan-Shing Jea and that he once torched an entire corsair war vessel. The same rumors say that he is a protégé of the Emperor and that he owns a trading ship.
  • Andrej got his name from Echolahr guild member, Scholar Andrej.


Monk Lady Deidre Clouser[edit]

  • Deidre is very adventurous, she left Shing Jea Monastery shortly after I did but she took the way for Tyria. She admitted that she did that because she felt attracted to Mhenlo. Everytime she and Mhenlo find themselves in the same party she tries to do the best she can. At the end of the battle she is exhausted and frustrated most of the time.
  • Her closest animal friend is a Melandru's Stalker called Nine.
  • The name came from Deidre Skye, high priestess of Melandru from pre-searing Ascalon. Deidre Skye lost her life during the searing and only Nine, her pet survived. Nine was brought to the monastery and was the trial my sister had to pass in order to become a monk.

Warrior Lady Helena Clouser[edit]

  • Retired from Minister Cho's Guard Corp.
  • She always thought she's better than I was. We were always in tight competition.
  • She is now married.
  • Recently she was reported missing, thought to have changed her name and profession.

Ritualist Klaudia Clouser[edit]

  • She is in fact my sister Helena. Ran away from her so-called husband. After she read the book "Ritualists, The Real Necromancers" she decided that this was the path she always had to follow to be a part of the Eternal Alchemy.
  • I don't know exactly where she is, but last time she sent me word from Gunnar's Hold.
  • She is my only sister with an elite armor set (Norn).

Assassin Yvo Clouser[edit]

  • I've lost contact with Yvo long time ago, when we were just kids. She mysteriously ran away from the monastery one day. People still think that she's related to an unsolved crime, but since the man who was found dead was a crop thief nobody really cared at that time.
  • Kaineng merchants say that she was seen roaming around with The Jade Brotherhood and with the Am Fah gang.
  • She is my youngest sister.

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