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About Me

About me... I'm Possum. I have a real name but people only call me that when I've been naughty 0.0' Pretty much everyone calls me Possum. Everyone in any guild I join seems to end up with an animal nickname... I think its unavoidable.

I'm 21, which makes me an adult apparently - I'm not convinced.

When not playing guild wars I like to wish I was playing guild wars. (Kidding) I like to paint, write, draw, play other games (Unless you work for Anet in which case I ONLY EVER PLAY GUILD WARS!). My only aim in life is to see the northern/southern lights, but I'd also like a gecko :P they're awesome.

Another thing I enjoy is playing around with Texmod to change guild wars things, more about that below ;D

I helped in the creation and running of, A free public auction site for guild wars items, released in July.

Guild Wars Been playing Guild Wars for 38 months, 4915 hours at the moment... scary. My oldest character is only 31 months, because nobody knew you'd get rewarded for being old and fossilised, and I delete characters a lot. I knew before the game even arrived that I was going to be a ranger/monk, and that played out well. Nowadays im usually either R/Rt or Me/E, and my mesmer has kind of become my main character. It's fun making people pwn themselves :P

Very curious about upcoming events and things. I'd like to know whats supposed to keep people playing the game for the next 1-2 years until GW2 is released.

I often work with Bunny and her 'Bunny Crew' to prepare and host events for the community or our alliance. In particular check out the 'Summer Bullrush' event. We're also planning something very special for halloween, but thats strictly secret ;)

Guild and Alliance I used to be in a guild run by my cousin, who doesnt play anymore. After leaving there in january 2008, I joined the KISS alliance. Me and Bunny joined a small and frequently picked on guild ;) After a week or so we were both promoted (Against my objections!). Since then, Bunny has become leader and I've tried unsuccessfully to be demoted =/. Our guild was one of the best in the alliance.(We were officially recognised as the largest community in GW). Recently left the KISS alliance, and spent some time guildless before hopping into an old friends guild.

TexMod Stuff

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