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Heyaz, I am part of the YaRR alliance (shiver me timbers,me be a pirate)! Theres nothing to see here but a few genuine userboxes, but dont worry, through my brains I shall create a stunning page!(Better then Caleb's!} muhaha!)For a good reason,my username is Rothena because she was my first character,and I am never gals in games, so thus I decided to be a girl in this game.


Feel No Pain.jpg This user laughs in the face of darkness.(Unlike Caleb ^_^.)
User Eloc Jcg 55.jpg This user pwns with a 55 monk.
Male.png This user is a good-lookin, smart male.
Scroll of Berserker's Insight.png This user is still in grade school. Deal with it.
"You Move Like a Dwarf!".jpg This user is short.
Union.jpg This user is Caleb's friend.
Agony.jpg This user HATES to go to the dentist's...
Unholy Feast.jpg This user brushes his teeth once every 4 days of a week.
Ranger.png This user is a Ranger at heart.
o.0 This user thinks user boxes are confusing.
Elite Ranger Tome.png This user loves reading a perfect book.
Guild We Need Therapy thumb.PNG This user gets by with a lil' help from [NOW] .
Grenth mural (Ascalon).jpg This user favors Grenth the most.
Earthquake.jpg This user loves hiking.
Ancestor's Visage.jpg This user has a 53 year old dad.
Favorable Winds.jpg This user loves the outdoors.
Winnowing.jpg This user has back sores ocasionally.
Order of the Vampire.jpg This user has a sister in college, who wants to be a anthropologist.
Simple Thievery.jpg This user loves to steal other ppl's userboxes.
Passage Scroll.png This user gets goosebumps by scratching or feeling paper....its hard to live like that.
Peace and Harmony.jpg This user has great social skills.
Guild We Need Therapy Ulgg allies logo.png This user is a proud member of the [ULGG] alliance.:)
Pre-Searing Ascalon.jpg This user thinks Pre-Searing is the most beautiful area in the game.
45px This user loves to play many many MANY other video games.
Guild Wars logo.png GW is this users favorite PC game.
Staff Head.png This user does not keep up with item prices.
Awe.jpg This user can be bored out of his mind sometimes
Boon of Creation.jpg This user likes creating userboxes.
Candy Corn.png This user likes candy!
Grenth's Balance.jpg This user wishes he had as many userboxes as Eloc
-.- This user was bored, and made this userbox
X_X This user tried to make his userboxes the coolest ever, so cool that it would pop the readers eyeballs out!)
Kurzick Banner.jpg This user is a Kurzick!
Vekk.jpg This user hates Asura.
User The gw fan Swirl2.gif this userbox is zig-zaggy!
"I Meant to Do That!".jpg This user makes many many mistakes.
Elite Monk Tome.png This user wish he had many of the awesome elite monk skills.
Dragon's Breath Wand.jpg This user think the Dragon's Breath Wand has the coolest skin of any wand.
User d03n3rfr1tz3 American Flag.jpg This user is American.
Dazed.jpg This user hates Dazed!
Normal gw2logo.jpg This user thinks GW 2 will be awesome and plans to buy it!
Aloe.jpg This user thinks Aloe plants are SO annoying.
Male Assassin Dance.gif This user is quite good at the male assassin dance.
Monks.jpg This user thinks monks are uber uber tanks.