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About Me

Salut! Name Royal Predator, Legendary Bounty Hunter of Cantha, Assassin of Emperor Kisu, Demonic servant of Dhuum, and this is my profile. Are you scouting me?.

  • Game Design I do. I help ArenaNet members to design Guild Wars 2.
  • Messaging: You can leave me a message @ my GMail, or catch me ingame.
  • Playing Actually, im working on titles. May I'll have some nice in GW2 for them.
Special Ops This user is in Special Ops. (Which means they could probably kill you a hundred different ways. Don't Piss Em Off!)

Assassin-icon-small.png Royal Predator // Main Character. Usually I play on him.
Dervish-icon-small.png Omen Archangel // Slayer.
Paragon-icon-small.png Brian Archangel // Imbagon.
Elementalist-icon-small.png Mia Archangel // "The Cute"
Ritualist-icon-small.png D E V I S I O N // Storage for all the knowleadge. tomes,scrolls,keys,
Necromancer-icon-small.png Dante Royale // Made him for chatting in SJM.
Warrior-icon-small.png Chevy Hemi Camaro // Norn wannabe.
Apple.png This user plays Guild Wars on a Mac.
User Adi Xfire.png This user's Xfire username is RoyalPredator.
f This user uses Facebook.
Normal gw2logo.jpg This user is anxiously waiting for Guild Wars 2.
User-Texmod.png This user uses Texmod.
User J.P. music.jpg This user listens to a lot of music.
Guild Wars Projects

I got nothing to do:):

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Title Update: - Future Titles: -

Air of Disenchantment (large).jpg This user has a girlfriend who also plays Guild Wars.
Pink Day logo.png This user supports Pink Day in LA and the fight against breast cancer!
PvE This user enjoys PvE.
User Vega Underdark mini6.gif This user hates random invites and players that just keep re-inviting after being declined!
User Nian Grenth.jpg This user is a bloodsworn servant of Grenth.
Fun Activities

Guild Wars 5th Anniversary Miniatures -- --

Love the Tonics! -- We've seen all the yearly tonics, now, and a few related to contests, too. I think they're marvelous!

What's New Lately in My Wiki Place?

  • Journal: I have a small Journal as a tab at the top of this page. I update once in a while, and the discussion page is always open.
  • Support Issues: The very best place to add concerns about the game, your account, or other things of that nature is on the Support Issues page. I'll try to help you as quickly as possible.
  • Support FAQs: You have questions for Support, we have answers. Head here for topics ranging, so far, from the Xunlai Tournament House to Death Counts and the Survivor Title. Your input is welcome on the Discussion Page.
  • ArenaNet Portal: Here's a useful page for you: ArenaNet:Portal, the place for many of the pages that I used to host off of my user space, such as the Bug Report pages and Suggestions pages.
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW chapters.
This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
43px‎ This user plays the Guild Wars expansion: Eye of the North.
Glob of Ectoplasm.png This user is proud to have acquired Obsidian armor!
HardModeVanquishIcon.jpg This user is on a quest to vanquish everything!
Mission icon HardMode Expert large.png This user wishes to complete all missions in Hard Mode!
Aion Wings.png This user has Aion Wings.
"Rooftops" concept art.jpg This user is a native of Kaineng City.