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Welcome to my page!
My Pictures, and Userboxes

File:User Scarystu Image.jpg

Tango-heart-icon.png This user is loved by Natalie
User Santax Owl.jpg This user is nocturnal.
Backpack.png This user is a packrat with never enough storage space!
Mark of Insecurity.jpg This user just lost The Game
Vista-icon.png This user is a Windows gamer.
Guild Wars logo.png This user's favorite game is Guild Wars.
User Zerpha The Improver uber ugly Err7 Bond replacement.jpg Error 007
From Anet with love.
Heal as One.jpg This user believes in the power of Animal Companions.
^^ This user likes to make things a little more interesting and entertaining. xD
Male.png This user is Male.
Rabbit This user doesn't trust rabbits, and thinks they're actually evil.
Signet of Capture.jpg This user has achieved the title Legendary Skill Hunter.
Ranger-tango-icon-200.png This user is a Ranger by nature.
Vampirism.jpg This user's mind is in the gutter.

Social Life
KISS Alliance ftw

Main Characters

Ranger.pngRanger At Soul
Assassin.png Darth Daggers


Passionate Kiss Of Balthazar


Passionate Kiss Of Anguish Alliance


Memory Or Fanstasy

My Characters
I Wuv Them

PvE Characters

Necromancer.png Anubis Sehkmet
Dervish.png Swept Into Night
Assassin.png I S U P A S K I P
Ritualist.png Daisuke Debashish
Monk.png Sorrows Mystery
Dervish.png Dervy Derv Swing
Assassin.png Deadly Little Lover
Ranger.png Lucentia Gra Vacati
Monk.png Lifes Murder Scene
Assassin.png Yu Envy Me Il

PvP Characters

Elementalist.png Joking With Death
Monk.png Omg Monk Me Hard
Assassin.png Elite Purple Sin
Elementalist.pngRolf My Mao