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I think im going to folow you...this is amazing :P
My Birthday!! has started.
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About Me

Hi, I'm Nick! The self proclaimed King Of Nicks!

I'm 16 which i guess makes me a kid but i still run big things

I'm always ether at school, eating, sleeping or on GW. Mainly Eating -Joke

My Guild Wars aim is to try and run loads of Huge Events in places like LA and Kamadan

Guild and Alliance

I started off in a guild called for the Obsidean Wolves but after my friends left that guild i left to join [Any]which i only lasted 1 week in..... After leaving that guild i joined the KISS alliance in a guild called torment were i was promoted quickly i stayed there for 5 months. After leaving torment i joined another KISS guild called eley for 5 months as a member. After leaving eley i joined yet another KISS guild called Balthazar. Kiss was offically reconised as the largest comunity in GW. Sadly KISS was disbandend and me along with mainy of Balthzar made a new alliance Called Gods which is growing rapidly. :)Gods was disbandend and fussed into [KISS] i am back in my fave guild again as an officer. Been a judge in the [KISS]easter event. Moved to help out in a different [KISS] guild Pirates. Currently designing a big community event for [KISS]

Guild Wars

Ive been playing Guild Wars for the last 30 months, huge amount of hours at the moment... creepy My oldest Characters are 30 months old. My main character is my sin because i like killing things quickly and i like the way they do backflips.

Im Currently trying to learn how to run huge events because i just enjoy running them. :)

Thank Yous

I would like to thank Possum for letting me use his background/design

Vorith for setting up my page

Wyn for the tables and templates

and Bunny for inspiring me to make my page

Passionate Kiss Of Nosferatu Alliance
Leader Passionate Kiss Of Nosferatu
Members Passionate Kiss Of ElysiumPassionate Kiss Of The CatsPassionate Kiss Of BalthazarPassionate Kiss Of The PhoenixPassionate Kiss Of TormentPassionate Kiss Of DeathPassionate Kiss Of The PiratesPassionate Kiss Of MadnessPassionate Kiss Of The Sirens

Passionate Kiss Of Anguish Alliance
Leader Passionate Kiss Of Anguish
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