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Userpage of Sev (IGN: Sev Hunter)[edit]

This is the Userpage from Bas aka Sev ^^. Here you will find detailed info about my GuildWars History :)

Sev [Rage]
Territory European
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
Guild Hall Dead Isle
VoIP Ventrilo, Teamspeak2 and Mumble
Webpage -

Guild History[edit]

(Ive been in other guilds also but I can't remember them that well :p but these were the main guilds) Guilds:

Guild (Current):

Guild Wars History[edit]

I started playing Guild Wars at the date it was released, the 28th of April 2005. In the beginning of the game I played a lot of PvE (as did everyone I guess). My first (Dutch) guild that I joined was Medieval Lords. Within this guild I progressed from member to officer to leader, gaining full responsibility over the guild. After playing the game for a while I tried to gradually shift the guild’s main focus from PvE to PvP. A lot of player completed the storyline and were looking for a more exciting adventure, which PvP could give us. While shifting from PvE to PvP I got acquinted with Qinox and Ne Rd. With these two players my real PvP adventure began and we started to drastically reform Medieval Lords.

It was the option of joining or leaving, there was no middle ground for members from Medieval Lords. You either wanted to help the guild in it’s PvP success or you chose to continue in PvE. Several players that were not interested in a PvP adventure chose to leave the guild. But instead of leaving all the players, they formed the guild: Medieval Farmers. These two guild formed an alliance and made sure there was a suitable place for PvP players as for PvE players.

To gain PvP success for Medieval Lords, me, Qinox and Ne Rd went searching for help. While doing so we met The Magic Fiber. This Dutch player was member of a former top 10 guild and was prepared to help us in GvG and Heroes Ascent. After doing a lot of guild battles and tried several tactics, we realized it didn’t really work out as we expected to be. It became clear we had to get some international experience in PvPing. To do so, we disbanded Medieval Lords and started going our own ways.

During my search I found a Korean guild that allowed me to join them. This was on recommendation of a friend (Sange Sange) that I met while playing Heroes Ascent. The guild, Reds Go Together, was listed rank 20 in the guild ladder when I joined them. Even though I did join them in Heroes Ascent battles, it was to difficult for me to join them in GvG (because of language barriers). Because of the big language barrier I formed a guild with Sange Sange and another Korean player (Cute Ruen). Even though Cute Ruen was also Korean, he managed well to communicate in English. Together with the guild we formed, called Style Rush, we joined the War Machine alliance. This was a first big step in my Guild Wars PvP experience. War Machine had proven themselves as one of the best players in GuildWars and managed to get a golden trim during the championships. Together with members of Style Rush and the help of the alliance we managed to get a decent rank in Guild Wars. Eventually though it didn't work out and me, Qinox and Sange left the guild.

Meanwhile Qinox joined the guild Mini Mini Mini Me. A very popular guild playing Heroes Ascent. Ne Rd on his turn created his own guild and joined the Mini Mini Mini Me alliance. Because of the successes of Mini Mini Mini Me, I reinforced Ne Rd in his guild. This gave me the opportunity to play with some of the best Heroes Ascent players at that time. Examples of these players were Brehon, Sama and Littleblue Flower.

After spending a lot of time playing Heroes Ascent, I decided to take a break in Guild Wars. The forming of parties were to much of a hassle and the time a party could be formed, after it would disband one run later, was to frustrating. After taking only a three month break, I decided to start playing Guild Wars again. I noticed that my Heroes Ascent experience was not what it was anymore and I decided to play some Random Arena’s first before I looked for a guild again. Because I knew I couldn’t just jump into a top 100 guild again I decided to look for a Dutch guild that was really PvP oriented. I looked around on several Dutch forums and managed to find Fasten Yerr Eyepatch. I really managed to progress my Heroes title within Fasten Yerr Eyepatch and everything went well. Unfortunatly at a certain point I couldn’t get along anymore with some of the members of Fasten Yerr Eyepatch. And because I was being spotted by another guild, I decided to leave Fasten Yerr Eyepatch and join Catapult Suicide Cult.

Catapult Suicide Cult was rank 80 when I joined them. We entered the Monthly Automated Tournament but unfortunately were never able to play the registered matches. This made some players leave the guild and therefore, not shortly after I joined the guild, resulted in the guild disbanding. Shortly after Catapult Suicide Cult I joined No Observable Talent [NoT]. A guild with at that moment a silver trim. I managed to do some matches with them and managed to gain some good insight in GvG. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage to play actively enough and it was then that I took a break again.

This second break lasted around seven months. After this break I directly tried to pick up my PvP skills again. After seven months of inactivity I knew though that this would be horrible. Looking up some old friends I found that Qinox was still actively playing. He managed to become leader of his own guild and got his guild to rank 23 when I spoke to him. I tried to get into Guild Wars again but for some reason I couldn't manage to do so. I just didn't really have time to play Guild Wars to its fullest. So I decided to stop playing again for a while.

After my third break I picked up Guild Wars again around the new year of 2010. I managed to get some free time again and activily started playing again. However, this time with a different approach then I normally would. Because of the Hall of Monuments update I thought I might aswell join a PvE guild to get familiar again with the current changes within Guild Wars. Within this PvE guild, The Holy Service, I got befriended with Goddess of Energy. Even though it was an English guild, she happened to be Dutch. Together with her support I slowly got my skills back and gradually moved towars playing Heroes Ascent again. During the matches in Heroes Ascent i focussed on getting skilled in monking, especially using protection prayers builds. While doing so I managed to get scouted by a top 300 guild, BUILDWARS[QQ]. Therefor I left The Holy Service because I felt I was ready again to start some good PvP action. I did gave a Farewell to Sev party to the whole alliance of The Holy Service, because it was great fun to play with them.

Playing with BUILDWARS in Heroes Ascent went fine and I managed to really get some PvP skills back. I played a lot with Proxy/Novm, one of the officers that also scouted me. Unfortunatly though BUILDWARS became inactive and it slowly disbanded. But because Proxy and I were a good team, we managed to set-up our own guild, Activate Cheat [Now]. The sole purpose of this guild was to come up with creative metways to steamroll all the defaultways in Heroes Ascent. It worked pretty well and we managed to gain some good Hall wins with our unexpected builds. Even though I did manage to hold it out for quit a while also this PvP ended with me becoming inactive again.

Since recently (while I'm writing this, 28th of April 2011) I am playing Guild Wars again. I have been around 8 months inactive, but yet again I'm eager to start playing again. Luckely an old friend, Proxy, also started to play again after some time of inactivity. He already joined a guild and insisted that I'd join him, and so I did. Currently I'm playing in a top Heroes Ascent guild as a protection monk. Fortunatly for me this build didn't change skills throughout the months, so it was easy to pick up again. Even though I'm playing a lot of PvP, I'm thinking of shifting towards PvE again. I hear a lot about Guild Wars 2 and I'm also reading "Guild Wars: Ghosts of Ascalon" and "Guild Wars: Edge of Destiny". Two books I can recommend and really enhance the gaming experience. Because of Guild Wars 2 becoming closer and closer in release, I really want to get my Hall of Monuments with sufficient points to gain good items. Therefor I know I need to get in PvE, because that's were you can farm the points. Not knowing of what I will do, I will make sure I'll keep this page updated with the right information. At the moment I can say that I'm really into playing Guild Wars again and that my PvP progress is going well :)

So... It's 24th of August and the official release of Guild Wars 2 is just a few days away (finally)! I've managed to boost my HoM to 45 points (which I find good enough, since I hate to do PvE grind titles :')). Together with some of my friends we've set up a guild for Guild Wars 2 and we will be actively focussing on Structured PvP (sPvP). I haven't played any beta's yet (on purpose) so I'm really looking forward in playing Guild Wars 2 and I'll keep this page updated (probably on the Guild Wars 2 wiki).

Regards! Sev

Self-made builds[edit]

  • Rt/A SSEV Sin (Spirit Strength Equals Victory Assassin): OAej0xiIpSCQ+PHMdP8PIbZgCAA

Golden Lotus Strike.jpgWild Strike.jpgDeath Blossom.jpgGolden Phoenix Strike.jpgBlades of Steel.jpgSpirit's Strength.jpgWeapon of Aggression.jpgResurrection Signet.jpg

This is my version of the Spirit Strength Ritualist, it has energy management and an perfect damage output. It works really well in RA (If ofcourse you have a monk :p). So if you wanna farm some RA Points, I suggest taking this build. It may be lame but it gets the job done xD
  • Me/Mo Inspirating Smiter: OQNDA6gOLjcG0DwgPsQzzOB

Power Leech.jpgPower Drain.jpgLeech Signet.jpgSpirit of Failure.jpgSignet of Humility.jpgJudge's Insight.jpgStrength of Honor.jpgVengeance.jpg

This is an RA Mesmer build whichs supports Melee-classes in your party. It also helps to interrupt the enemy monks and let you gain energy. Use Power Leech on enemies that spam Spells a lot, like Monks or Ele's. use Power drain if your almost out of energy and save Leech Signet to interrupt a Assassins combo, Ress Signet or any kind of Skill action that would be a disadvantage for your team. Use Spirit of Failure on Assassins, Dervishes or any other kind of physical-type character. For the support for your melee-class party members you use Judges Insight and Strength of Honor, also use Vengeance to ress up phsyical-type character classes because it gives +25% attack bonus. Dont forget to quickly cover up Vengeance with SoH or JI, else 1 enchant removal will instant kill your ally :') Ofcourse you can also use Vengeance on a non-physical attack type character or even a Monk, but it's not recommended.
  • D/Mo Dwayna's Resemblance: OgOj8orK7SjRCE2X6XiXZirX0XA

Life Sheath.jpgGuardian.jpgImbue Health.jpgSignet of Pious Light.jpgVital Boon.jpgShield of Force.jpgArmor of Sanctity.jpgEremite's Zeal.jpg

I created this build because of the Flux of November 2011: Hidden Talent. This build is meant for RA in which you use your dervish as a Protector Monk with Dervish Power Heal. I've put in Life Sheath to give you a quick prot with double condition removal. Guardian is there to provide your party members with some defenses against physical attacks. The rest of the skills are all dervish skills with attributes in Mysticism and Earth Prayers. Make sure you maintain the enchantments as often as possible and use Shield of Force and Armor of Sanctity against physical attacks to absorb the damage. When you're using Imbue Health make sure your health is enough. To boost your own health you can use Vital Boon in combination with Signet of Pious Light which should recover around 250 health. When you're at max health, Imbue Health can heal for the maximum amount. Energy management should not be a problem. With a protective wand + protective icon (halves casting time of spells 10%) in combination with Eremite's Zeal, you should not run out of energy. Just make sure you use Imbue Health effeciently.

Honourable Player Mentions[edit]

The following players are favored by me and are therefor placed in this list for their (in my opinion) outstanding activities or appearances in Guild Wars.

  • Brehon Si (For his Epic PvP/HA Skills)
  • Sama (For his Epic PvP/HA Skills)
  • Littleblue Flower (For outstanding monk skills in PvP)
  • Lil Town (For our Hall win with only the two of us and 4 henchies)
  • Qinox & Ne Rd (For their progress in reaching the top of PvP)
  • Dejan/Dreamer
  • Sange Sange
  • Goopy is Ninja
  • Goddess of Energy (For her PvE appearance)

Further Info[edit]

--Sev 19:27, 2 October 2007 (UTC)

Escape.jpg Sev hates Runners
Frenzy.jpg This User wants Mini-Games in "The Vault"
Suicide Health.jpg Sev's Favorite skills is "Suicide Health"
Point Blank Shot.jpg This User uses Aimbot on his Ranger
Peace and Harmony.jpg Make Love not War
Spirit of Failure.jpg This user is always unlucky
Mending.jpg This User thinks Mending Warriors are Imba and should get nerfed
GWW-shield.png This user plays all GW campaigns: Core, Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Beyond.
PvP This user enjoys PvP.
European flag.png This user plays in the
European territory.