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Stormcrow X

Gender Male.png Male
Born in Tyria
Age 12 year(s),6 month(s)
Created: 06 July, 2005
Profession Elementalist Elementalist
Level 20 over 9000K XP
Guild Blood Gods Wrath
Armor Elementalist Asuran armor
Weapon Tormented staff
Titles T3h Haxz0rz Skillz
  • max suxon title
  • kill as many bots as possible

Since I dont use this page for anything I'm going to start listing all the names of known pvp botters here.

Last update: May 2011

Fort Aspenwood[edit]

Cancelled denotes no longer active.

Account 1:[idqd]

Le Guerrier Goku -ele bot with glyph of lesser energy and feigned neutrality
Iyssa Attack -ranger bot with barbed trap and apply poison
Alt Plus F Quatre -ele bot with glyph of lesser energy and feigned neutrality (Jade Quarry)

Account 2:[chinese guild tag]

Jl I -ritualist - snowball arena bot
Stock Numero Six -ele bot with glyph of lesser energy and aura of restoration
Ultima Moine -monk bot
Florian Le Sans Ami (no longer existing) -snowball arena bot

Account 3: [ME]

B L A S T A R S -ele bot with glyph of lesser energy and aura of restoration video
Titi Heal you -monk bot with glyph of lesser energy and armor of earth video
Kasseuse Farmeuse -ele bot with glyph of lesser energy and aura of restoration

Ryuki Le Moine, Desse de Elona

Fort Aspenwood Leeching Hall of Fame
Mini Kuunavara
Chris Capuano
Jum Rock
Dwight Miller
Remember Lots Wife

In memorium <3

Leechers (2011)

Lord Deep Shadow banned :)
Ruan Jian Wei [toke]
Jason Starcaller
Miss Aye Tabernacl
Woolf Goth[goth]
The Dukelynx

Jade Quarry[edit]


Fly Me To The Sun [lux] -N/A
Brawling Chicken [lux] -N/A
I Eat Juggernut [lux] -N/A
We Just Rock It [lux] -N/A
Jungle Larry [lux] -R
咿咿 aka. 我愛吃飽 [天使]
Srgkperkg Klioorero -rt
Maogani Tanvar -Rt/N
Armando Tolmak -Rt/me
Kunba Delyssa -Rt/N
Worn Rina N/rt
Dance Ma Crazy -Me/mo
Lorin Sifu- N/me
Prince Coriolis -N/rt
Emra Kant -E
Cyby Hint -E/me
Harris Melodius N/rt
Kulona Dylon -Rt/me
Vlad Sud
Elan Roc
Snpil Tn
Lord Kopp [xp]
Shania Blaze (E)
Love Lei Xxxx(Mes)
Ikiwa Nikianiaiikil
Arwen Faye
Bry Blackstaff (Me/N)
Sioer Toms
Lathna Miraniel Me/N
Larax El Traidor E/D
Hermina Giana N/Me
Lady Sollen Rt/N
Lady Kelissa Me/N
Kenshi Nantokai Me/N
Mere Du Futur N/Rt
Isis Malina (N/me)
Renald From Etheral (Me/N)
Sokal Mac Cool (N/rt)
Salvo Tempest (E/D)
Kelle Melle E/mo [WP]
Yana Seagh Me/R [wp]
Uste Sol [WP](E/mo)
Grem Go Westler [xp](E/mo)
Eli Freedom (rt/me)
Atnevezem Lol (Rt)
Back in Mishima (Me/mo)
Elaevya Tataum Rt/Me

Yuy Oqxjhy D [TACO] -Mo/R
Blackburn Goes Ftw -Mo/me
Wu Dong S L B [WING] -Mo/me
Wa Heeids Fds[BAMF]banned
X Hard Target X -R/Me
Chaoji Shunv Ha (Me/mo)
Meijia Xiaonv [win] -Mo/me
Zui Kediai [love]banned
Hafg Yeyuuy [love]banned
Ssa Bb Bsa San [love] banned
Dear Tianhenlan [love]banned
Mvbn Ytur Re [love] -Me/mo
Sdg Dfsg Srtg [love] -Mo/me
Uitx X Bvn [love] -Mo/me
Qae Oop Bvcx [love] -R/me
Redentor Luxon -R/rt
Yushua Fanhua -Mo/E
Qe Nmzxc Ous -Mo/me
Ddsssf Hgg -Me/mo
Madi Sohn -Mo/me
Xiaozhou Laotai -W/mo
La Muerte Muahaha -E/mo
Aa Xiangming, AKA. S Xiangming, D Xiangming and E Xiangming
Peter Pecho [Wins]
Elem Cm [Wins]
Rubys Home [Wins]
Old Mans Wife [Wins]
The Fire Inspektor [Wins]
Luisas Feuer [Wins]
Karins Messi [Wins]
Joe Dancer Is Here [Brum]
Luca Liuzzo [Brum]
Storage Char too[six]
Was Daa


Pony Slayer [pony]
Eva Evo Zyph [TAN]
Cathania Ritualist
A M D I R [GG]
Jayy PvP

Festival Arena Bots[edit]

Stock Numero Six
Oh Yo [GoTC] aka. Locke Coal (Xmas 2010)
The Haitian monk (Xmas 2010)
Znadiniark Zwarknik (Dodgeball arena May 2011)
Reine Chochaude