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Copper Zaishen Coin.png How much are zoins worth?
~0.2–1.2 Platinum/Silver Zaishen Coin
(But silvers sell for 2k.)
(©2011 Shameless self-promotion division.)
Gift of the Traveler.png How much are GotTs worth?
~3.4Platinum in tradeable goods.
(They currently trade for 4–5k.)
(©2011 Shameless self-promotion division.)
This information is likely inaccurate — it has not been reviewed or updated since Summer 2012.

How much are War Supplies worth?[edit]

This is one of my favorite examples of how free markets aren't perfect and human beings exhibit...human nature, since War Supplies vary in worth depending on who is buying or why:

Sometimes, it's easier to find an O-weapon for a low price than to find War Supplies in bulk. So, if you happen to have 200 and want to buy 50 more, you might be better off selling them for 350Gold each and using those funds to buy a weapon @70k (net cost: 0) versus finding a seller for 50 more supplies (net cost: 10–20k).

Last updated: 9 April 2012.
  • The high cost of Diamond and Granite has driven the price of Destroyer Weapons higher
  • The farming/solo-build value of the supplies has helped drive up demand.
  • Prices aren't anywhere near the introduction value of 600–800Gold, but they are at the original equilibrium.


Conversion rates
  • 1 Medal of Honor = 25 War Supplies → 1 Oppressor's Weapon (10 Medals) = 250 War Supplies
  • 1 Royal Gift = 15 War Supplies
Other uses — sweets

(thanks to User:Pandora Mac for discovering that War Supplies have a sweet-point value and to user:Falconeye for reminding me of the potential impact to the trade value)

  • Although War Supplies give a sweet point, this doesn't influence its trade value (and if it did, it would drive prices higher):
    • No one should pay more than 200Gold/point for sweets because Red Bean Cakes are available in infinite supply at that value. However, the minimum historical price for supplies is more than that.
    • Sweets that offer other benefits are priced according to their supply and the demand for the benefit (not for the sweet):
      • The demand for supplies is driven by the cost of O-weapons, interest in Royal Gifts, and the +1 regen/+5 AR benefit of the consumable.
      • The supply of, erm, supplies, is driven by how many people go after Wanted! bounties, the number of Rise farmers, and the number of people looking for WiK-related miniatures.
Other uses — solo and speed clearing builds

(thanks to User:Naloj for reminding me of this important usage)

  • Supplies are also used by players that speed clear or attempt to break challenge mission records (or even just to uncover the fog in Remains of Sahlahja).
    • These players are typically willing to spend more on supplies (and, in my experience, often volunteer to pay extra).
    • However, they are far outnumbered by those interested in buying O-weapons and/or Royal Gifts: at least nine of ten sales are are for small amounts...and even most stack sales are to those buying a weapon.
Historical values

As odd as that discrepancy is, it's not nearly as bad as it was during the first six months after Medals/O-weapons were introduced. At that time, individual supplies could easily be sold for 500–600Gold each, while the maximum selling price for O-weapons was about 90Platinum (i.e. 360Goldsupply).