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Aurora M.
Level: 20
Gender: Female
Professions: Elementalist Elementalist / Mesmer Mesmer
Homeland: Ascalon (Prophecies)
Allegiance: No Allegiance
Yes, I wear Stormforged armor.
Campaigns Finished
User Troy Frostwind NeedProphecies.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedFactions.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedNightfall.jpgUser Troy Frostwind NeedEoTN.jpgMedal of Honor.pngWedding Headpiece f.pngImperial Dragon's Tear.png
Energy Storage: 13
Air Magic: 0
Earth Magic: 0
Fire Magic: 0
Water Magic: 13
Domination: 0
Illusion: 0
Inspiration: 0
About Me
Since April 2005
Ice Spear.jpg
Ice Spear
Glowing Ice.jpg
Glowing Ice
Ice Spikes.jpg
Ice Spikes
Deep Freeze.jpg
Deep Freeze
Aura of Restoration.jpg
Aura of Restoration
Water Attunement.jpg
Water Attunement
Armor of Mist.jpg
Armor of Mist
Ether Renewal.jpg
Ether Renewal