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I am hanging out right now in the Ring of Fire area. I spent a long time hung up at the Ice Caves of Sorrow and nearly gave up on the game. But eventually I got it all figured out.

I have been playing GW pretty much since it came out. My primary character is Tigara Xan, a Mesmer/Warrior. She is now several years old, but I have gone through a lot of periods where I didn't play or even have GW installed. I admit that I'm still kind of a noob. When I first started playing GW I was really interested in organizing and joining groups in order to accomplish missions, but lately I pretty much handle it all via Henchmen and Heroes.

My Girlfriend just started playing and we team up sometimes. But she's like.. super-noob ;) (I love her) and has her own way of doing things. However, this means that I have started a few new characters to kind of help her along.

I have GW, GW Factions, GW Eye of the North, and GW Nightfall.

My Goal[edit]

My current goal is to collect enough Asuran rep to get a pair of Spectacles. I'm only about 4,000 away from rank 5, and I have a build now that seems to be extremely reliable as far as staying alive and killing stuff. So I'm farming in the Tarnished Coast.

Secondary Goals[edit]

  • Elite Rogue pants : I have all materials, just need gold.
  • Elite Rogue boots : I have all materials, just need gold.
  • wishing for pink dye.. :(


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