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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:

Nature as "weapons"[edit]

I've been thinking about how Arenanet or NCsoft has said that we'll be able to attack natural structures like trees and we'll be able to light fires on trees. So, this is my idea, what if we're able to "attack" the natural structure, and it can be used as a weapon. For example: there's a tree right next to me and my foe, while fighting, I can strike the tree and manage to get it to fall on my foe. This is for PvE ONLY.

Why this is a good idea
  •   Adds a bit realism.
  •   Makes the game more interesting.
  •   Another way to cause damage/death other than just spells and physical damage.
Why this may not work out
  •   Causes lag (if everyone attacks the same structure)
  •   Could cause even further delay of the release of GW2

Upgrade Professions[edit]

Another idea I've come across on my mind are "upgrade" professions. I think that with a few familiar professions from OGW (possible the original ones: warrior, ranger, monk, elementalist, mesmer, and necromancer), they could be our starting professions, and if desired, can be our "main" professions. After reaching a specific level, location, or completion of quest/mission, you can choose to upgrade into a different profession. THESE UPGRADE PROFESSIONS are original profession specific, meaning if I originally chose a ranger, then I can't upgrade my profession that is limited to warrior starters. If someone decides to upgrade, but then decides they don't like it or prefer the original, they can revert back. These professions can still coorporate with secondary professions.

Why this is a good idea
  •   Creates a large variety of possible combinations in grouping/parties.
  •   When expansions come out, no need to create a WHOLE NEW profession, but can just add an upgrade to the original professions.
  •   Different styles of gameplay, strategy, skill use, and coorporation.
Why this may not work out
  •   "Defeats" the idea of NEW professions.
  •   Could make Guild Wars 2 even more complicated.

World Idea[edit]

I'm not 100% sure if this is what is already planned or so. But... An idea I've thought of was that towns and outposts (if kept) can stay the way they are at the moment. Inorder to access Tyria (outside a town) you'd have to go through a portal (like the way we do now). The world outside of a town could be persistent like how Arenanet said in the FAQ of GW2. This way, people can change skills in their skill bars and use tomes or buy/sell stuff (if they keep these few things). Not only that, people can use Map-Travel easily and with ease.

Why this is a good idea
  •   Keeps the unique features of Guild Wars' map-travel.
  •   Similar to OGW's usage. Meaning easier usage to new AND old players! (I believe the old map traveling and town/outpost usage is easy and nice.)
Why this may not work out
  •   Be old, and in certain people's opinion, lame.

World Idea 2[edit]

Again, not 100% sure if this is what is already planned or so. But, instead of the portals, you can have free entries and free exits IN and OUT of an outpost. This could help keep up the persistent world while in and out of town as well. People can have normal town activities as normal, only you don't go through portals to go outside (which is common in multiple MMORPGS). Also, while doing this, map-travel can still be used. Except only while in the town can you map-travel.

Why this is a good idea
  •   Similar to many other MMORPGS
  •   Map-traveling is still usable here.
  •   Can have certain PvE events (next section)
Why this may not work out
  •   Does not keep out "uniqueness" in Guild Wars.
  •   If logging in or out, you might suddenly be stranded in an area where lots of monsters are around.
  •   Inorder to keep map-travel SUPER easy, have to create multiple amounts of outposts.

Town Invasions[edit]

I find this idea unique and special as it works as a PvE event and goes along well with my "World Idea 2" (section directly above). So, the idea is: Occasionally, or during special times during the year/month/etc. monsters can "invade" towns. Unlike missions, this won't be instanced but persistant. Players and NPC's alike will help each other to defend a town against certain monsters, depending on the location of town, time of day/month/year, and cause. There can be unique rewards for stopping an invasion or a temporary "debuff" for failing to do so. These invasions can also work like a seasonal event (like Wintersday). Certain NPC's like merchants, armor sellers, material traders, and stuff like that can be move at a certain location in the town so they don't get in the way of the invasion and people can still use them. Another part of this is that it could world like how Alliances can capture towns. This can be like if enemy monsters have control of the town or sides of good (meaning players). You can even have certain special towns where battle ALWAYS rages. Like if this occurs, enemy controled towns cannot be map-traveled, and maybe special features can't be used either (like Elite Mission seeing how Cavalon and House zu Heltzer allows access to The Deep and Urgoz's Warren.)

Why this is a good idea
  •   Can help the storyline sometimes. For example: Primordus might feel like mad and send legions of monsters to attack towns.
  •   Gives a reason to try to fight for towns, instead of just control (like makes people try to capture a town inorder to get to the special feature) and just plain usage.
  •   Makes the game more complex with NPC being able to take over towns and such.
Why this may not work out
  •   Can make the game more complex do to artificial intelligence use.
  •   Hard to accomplish, causing even MORE delay to the release of Guild Wars 2.

"Legendary Weapon(s)"[edit]

I have an idea where you can have this "legendary weapon" where it can be used like a bundle in a way. The weapon could be a special item that is found from doing certain things like PvP events or completing great PvE accomplishments. Like once you've "picked up" the weapon, you're automatically equiped with it. It could give certain buffs like increased health, health/energy regeneration, increased armor, etc., any kind of buff as long as it makes the player harder to kill. A way to make it "balanced" is that if another player kills/beats/defeats that player with the legendary weapon (as in PvP) then the original player with the legendary weapon will lose it, go back to normal, and the victorious player will instantly get the weapon as well. If the player who gets the legendary weapon doesn't PvP, they can still lose it through dying in PvE from monsters or a time limit. If the player dies from a monster, then the weapon can disappear and then to achieve the weapon (from anyone), you'd have to complete "PvP events or great PvE accomplishments." A time limit like for 1 week (real time) can limit the "overpowerage." Then once the time limit is over, it disappears and you must do the special stuff to get the weapon again. This idea can be like a miniature "scavenger" hunt. Oh to go along with this idea, you can make it so that there's only one or two of these legendary weapon(s). That way multiple people won't have a major buff.

Why this is a good idea
  •   Can be used as a scavenger hunt.
  •   Can be a reason for completing accomplishments (PvE and PvP).
Why this may not work out
  •   Some people might complete those certain accomplishments JUST to get the weapon(s) to buff themselves.

"Two-handed Usage"[edit]

I've been thinking about what kind of improvements could be added to GW2 and I was watching the Original Guild Wars trailer, the one with Devona, Aidan, and Cynn. So as I was watching, I re-noticed that Devona was using two swords, implying dual wielding. And from what I know, a lot of people were devestated that dual wielding wasn't in the game. Yeah, the daggers were dual wielding, but it's the only one. So back to the point, I had an idea about having a unique way to allow 2 handed weapons usage. Okay, so here's the idea: I thought that there could be skills that allow you to dual wield or use 2 hands on a single weapon. You can only use 2 hands or dual wield IF you unlocked this skill and it can be a passive skill. Like, remembering the weapon sets, and allowing you to weapon swap, I thought about having a seperate usage in which a single handed weapon (let's use sword as an example) could be turned" into a 2 handed weapon. Okay, how is this done? Let's say the sword is used with a shield. When you're in/outside combat and you want to change it from sword and shield to 2 handed sword (remember this is the same sword used with the sword and shield combo), you can use the "system" that's similar to the weapon sets to change. The way you change is like putting the shield away (on your back I guess) and then holding/wielding the sword with 2 hands. Also, this could be use similarly with dual wielding, from one sword to 2 swords (like one is in its scabbard but you're still holding one already). Of course, you can still keep regular 2 handed weapons like the scythe and twin daggers or something. Like for the twin daggers, they can originally be 2 daggers but for certain weapons like swords and axes, you gotta get 'em seperately. From that, I mean like to dual wield with 2 swords or 2 axes or a combination of both, you'd have to have 2 swords, 2 swords, or 1 of each.

Why this is a good idea.
  •   Allows many types of usage in gameplay.
  •   Many new combos and variety.
Why this may not work out.
  •   The complexity of it.