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Steph Of Nee [CLUE]
User Yoe Dude Steph.jpg
Main Character Female Warior

Steph Of Nee[edit]

Steph Of Nee was my first charactor born December 2008, who joined a small guild of real life friends.



  • Steph Of Nee - Warrior (main character)
  • Yoe Dude - Perma-Pre Warrior
  • Mela Of Nee - Mesmer
  • Ann Of Nee - Monk
  • Segor Of Nee - Assassin
  • Tiff Of Nee - Dervish
  • Beth Of Nee - Ranger
  • Whit Of Nee - Necromancer
  • Harm Of Nee - Elementalist
  • Brit Of Nee - Paragon
  • Tear Of Nee - Ritualist
  • Hermine Of Nee - Survior Elementalist
  • Court Of Nee - Survior Ritualist


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This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.
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