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International cultural references
Info-Logo.png Note: This program has been discontinued by ArenaNet

Share Your Culture!

Every country and every culture has certain things that appeal to its people. It may be a movie or a song, maybe it's a classic joke, a reference to fashion, or a nod to a certain kind of food -- you know the kinds of things that make you smile! We'd like you to contribute your ideas for references to your culture, and we'll be considering them and adding a few into the game, over time. (Our localization team will be helping the designers select a few, but there are no promises on when or how many will be added.)

Let me give you an example to make this easier: People the world over know the Indiana Jones movies. You'll see some call-outs to the movie in our game, from lines of dialogue "Drakes! Why is it always drakes?" to the Rolling Stone of Doooooom that pops up in various places in GW:EN. In our games, you will also spot twisted song lyrics, a play on words involving the titles of classic novels and movies, a character name similar to that of a famous person, wisecracks about American sports and food, and much more.

But Guild Wars is a global game, and since our studio is located in the US, we just don't have easy access to fun cultural references from other countries. So you can help! Let's expand the fun, and share the joy. Give us some ideas on what sorts of dialogue and names we can include in your language or related to your culture. You can post your thoughts below. (Best, I think, to post the suggested cultural reference in the appropriate language and also explain a bit in English, too, if you don't mind.) Thank you for your help with this project -- it's going to be fun! -- Gaile User gaile 2.png 02:09, 15 November 2007 (UTC)