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Affiliation Not specified
Type Beast
Level(s) 8 (20)
Campaign Prophecies
Oink is, as the name implies, a pig.

Oink makes its appearance in the Gates of Kryta mission, where it has to be brought back to its owner, Orrian Historian McClain's son Cheswick, in order to receive the bonus objective.

[edit] Locations

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[edit] Notes

  • Talk to Oink to have it follow your character.
  • While several NPCs (such as Sanyi) are also invulnerable to damage, Oink is unique among them because it will attack enemies. While its damage output is fairly low, it can fight any foe indefinitely without dying.
  • It has an immunity to swamp poison.
  • It can't be attacked, so when it is targeted, an enemy basically becomes "stuck" and unable to perform any other action.

[edit] Trivia

  • Oink has gained a cult following, almost as big as that of "The Frog" due to its ability to take out groups of any size.
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