Southern Shiverpeaks

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Southern Shiverpeaks
Southern Shiverpeaks region.jpg
Continent Tyria
Town Droknar's Forge
Neighbor(s) Northern Shiverpeaks
Campaign Prophecies
Shiverpeak Mountains loading screen.jpg
Loading screen
Southern Shiverpeaks interactive map.jpg
Interactive Map of the Southern Shiverpeaks
Non-interactive maps
Shiverpeak Mountains signpost.jpg
Shiverpeak Mountains signpost.
Shiverpeak Mountains waymarker.jpg
Shiverpeak Mountains waymarker.

The Southern Shiverpeaks is, as the name implies, southern portion of the Shiverpeak Mountains and home to the capital of the Dwarves. In contrast to the Northern Shiverpeaks, this segment of the mountain range is considerably harsher. All kinds of wildlife, such as Tundra Giants, Frost Wurms, Ice Imps, Blessed Griffons, and Mountain Trolls, roam the snowy tundra, and, in addition to Deldrimor and the Stone Summit, it is currently occupied by other warring factions: the Avicara Tengu, White Mantle, Shining Blade, and Mursaat. The northern and southern areas are connected by several long, winding, and treacherous valleys, heavily populated with dangerous indigenous creatures.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts:


Explorable areas[edit]



  • Guilds at War
  • [untitled]
  • Ascension Song
  • Droknar's Forge
  • Over the Shiverpeaks (only in The Granite Citadel)
  • Tasca's Theme
  • Cynn's Theme (only in Sorrow's Furnace)
  • Devona's Theme (only in Sorrow's Furnace)
  • [untitled] (a second untitled soundtrack; only in Sorrow's Furnace)

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