Depths of Tyria

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Depths of Tyria
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Continent Tyria
Town None
Neighbor(s) Far Shiverpeaks
Charr Homelands
Tarnished Coast
Kaineng City
Campaign Eye of the North
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The Dwarves have provided limited information about the mysteries they have uncovered beneath the earth. Initial reports describe an immense, interconnected underground complex they call the "Depths of Tyria." These natural caves and excavated areas house structures left behind by civilizations dating back to a time before the arrival of humans in Tyria. The Depths are connected by a series of magical gateways that allow swift travel through miles of earth and stone.

These gateways were created by a race known as the Asura, who use them for mining, research, and other jaunts across great distances. Most of the gates are guarded by Asuran GOLEMs, for the Depths teem with threats—both animal and geological. Those who dare to travel below realize the risk they take in doing so, and those who return tell wild stories of monsters made of fire and stone that move in the Depths.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

The Depths of Tyria, sometimes simply called the Depths, are large networks of underground caverns and tunnels underneath the Tyrian surface, filled with a variety of different structures of unknown origin, ranging from structures similar to Ascalonian buildings to statues akin to those found in the Echovald Forest and unique crystalline structures.

Many of the races found in the Depths of Tyria are pale compared to their surface counterparts and are, on occasion, larger as well. The Depths are home to Arachnids, Skelks, Fleshreavers, Oozes, and is the origin of the Asura.



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