Cathedral of Flames

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Cathedral of Flames
Cathedral of Flames page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 3
Reward chest Murakai's Chest
Required quest Temple of the Damned
Party size 8
Exit(s) Doomlore Shrine
Cathedral of Flames level 1.jpg
Level 1
Cathedral of Flames level 2.jpg
Level 2
Cathedral of Flames level 3.jpg
Level 3
Burning Temple.jpg
"Burning Temple" on level 1
Cathedral of Flames level 2 spiderwebs.jpg
spiderwebs on level 2
Cathedral of Flames level 2 lava.jpg
lava with 2 Hidden Treasures on level 2

Once freed, Pyre's warband sacked the cathedral, looking for anything of value. In their search, they unearthed a blocked passage. Clearing the debris revealed a stash of treasure plundered from Ascalonian ruins... but there was more. The spirits of those slain for these spoils of war had attached themselves to the treasure, haunting the vaults. Worse yet, a powerful Necromancer named Murakai dwelt among them. She used the creatures' unliving essence to create a storm of souls, which she planned to unleash upon human and Charr alike. It fell to us to lay these disembodied spirits to rest and to suspend Murakai's wrath, if only for a time.

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Hidden objects[edit]

Hidden objects are revealed using Light of Deldrimor.

Level 1[edit]

  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Hero next to Area Map.
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Hero just left of entrance to great dining hall.
  • Unknown 4 Hidden Treasures in the last chamber before going to another level.
  • Unknown 6 (20) Hidden Treasures in the dining hall: 2 Treasures at the rear end of the dining hall near the Beacon of Droknar, 3 Treasures scattered halfway and 1 Treasure right next to Faze Magekiller.

Level 2[edit]

  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure left side of junction and another about halfway down that corridor.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure in corner of chamber before Tyndir.
  • Unknown 5 Hidden Treasures in the lava pools either side of the dungeon gate.

Level 3[edit]

  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure opposite entrance.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure on the north-east wall of the burning tree hall.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure in the right hand tunnel from the north of burning tree hall.
  • Unknown 1 (20) Hidden Treasure at the Southwest end of the burning tree hall.
  • Unknown 1 (20) 2 Hidden Treasures in ruined chamber south of the burning tree hall, around the southern end of this area. Just walk around the obstacles.
  • Unknown 1 (20) 3 Hidden Treasures at Beacon near Keymaster.




Enchanted weapons









Boss-like foes[edit]


Interactive objects[edit]



  • 1,500 Ebon Vanguard reputation points are awarded for completing this dungeon for the first time in Normal mode, and 750 points are awarded for subsequent completions. 2,250 Ebon Vanguard reputation points are awarded for completing this dungeon in Hard mode for the first time, and 1,125 points are awarded for subsequent completions.
  • Corpses of Charr can be found throughout all three levels.
Anomaly Anomaly.The Bone Fiends and Servant of Murakai in the final room are not vulnerable to skills that affect summoned creatures, even though they are identified as being summoned.
Bug Bug.There are several rare bugs that can prevent the party from completing the dungeon:
  • Level 1: The Keeper (and minions) can spawn behind the door to the next level, making them impossible to kill without enough ranged damage.
  • Level 2: Just after entering, the whole party might automatically die and without resurrecting.
  • Level 3: The Keymaster of Murakai sometimes drops the dungeon key over the edge of the lava stream, making it unreachable.
Bug Bug.Some foes do not consistently engage the party as expected:
  • Level 1:
    • The group of Charr near the area map may get stuck in the wall.
    • If you leave Faze Magekiller just out of the Danger Zone, he will not turn hostile but his group will, and they will attack him.
    • After The Keeper is defeated, the mobs that subsequently spawn do not attack you unless you engage them yourself, even if they are inside aggro.
  • Level 2:
    • If you leave Tyndir Flamecaller just out of aggro, he will not turn hostile but his group will and they will attack him.
    • The Master and his minions sometimes spawn behind the door to the third level, making them harder to kill.


  • On Level 3, the lava in Murakai's room is shaped as a heart.
  • The Cathedral of Flames is often referred to as CoF.

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