Bogroot Growths

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Bogroot Growths
Bogroot Growths page.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Dungeon
Levels 2
Reward chest Bogroot Chest
Required quest Tekks's War or
Giriff's War
Party size 8
Exit(s) Sparkfly Swamp
Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Bogroot Growths route.jpg
Getting there from Gadd's Encampment
Bogroot Growths Level 1.jpg
Map of the first level.
Bogroot Growths Level 2.jpg
Map of the second level.

Bogroot Growths, a complex of caverns just outside Sparkfly Swamp, is a war zone. The caverns are home to two frogmen tribes, the Ophil and the Gokir. The habitats of these tribes collided due to some... unfortunate miscalculations... during an Asuran digging expedition, forcing the antagonistic creatures uncomfortably close to each other. Both groups now vie for dominance, with each side supported by one of two Asuran observers. We were asked to choose a side in this inter-clan war and bring an end to the bloodshed... for the sake of progress, of course.

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Other allies[edit]

  • Unknown 20 Onkk [Collector]
  • Unknown 20 Blonk [Collector]
  • Unknown 1 Hidden Treasure
    • Level 1: At all the poison generators.
    • Level 1: In the first open area before the exit.
    • Level 2: First open area, eastern part.
    • Level 2: First open area, western part
    • Level 2: 4 in the labyrinth after the first open area: to the west, south, north-west, and east.
    • Level 2: In the corridor to the east of the second resurrection shrine.
    • Level 2: Before the second open area, to the south of western Area Map.
    • Level 2: At the western Area Map.
  • Warrior 24 (24) Dwarven Ghosts
    • Level 1: At the second resurrection shrine.
    • Level 1: In the first open area before the exit.

Charmable animals[edit]






Insects (level 2 only)



Boss-like foes[edit]




  • You cannot get past the first room unless everyone in the party has at least one of the two quests in their quest log.
    • Only one of the two quests can be active for the party; if Giriff joins you, Tekks will leave and vice-versa.
    • If one member of the party has one of the quests active, that quest will become active for the other players upon entry into the dungeon.
Quest Common heket foe Bosses & Boss-like foe Allies
Giriff's War Ophil Ophil Patriarchs & Khabuus Gokir (some)
Tekks's War Gokir Gokir Patriarchs & Z'him Monns Ophil (some)
Anomaly Anomaly.A boulder trap can be seen on first level on the upper part of the map but it apparently doesn't trigger.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the two hekets near shrine, are invincible. Re-zone to continue the dungeon.


  • This dungeon has many references to the online machinima series Red vs. Blue. The named NPCs are phonetic derivations from members of the Red vs. Blue universe:

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