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A region is a named collection of different types of locations, including towns, outposts, missions, dungeons and explorable areas with a common theme. This theme can be seen as represented by the region's loading screen (with the exception of missions).

Regions usually have a shared set of creatures, a key and chest pair, and a common section in the quest log. Sometimes one or more of these factors are instead shared by a smaller set of locations that are not technically a region; these areas are known as "sub-regions".

The skills Edification and Heart of the Norn are triggered by being in the Tarnished Coast and Far Shiverpeaks regions, respectively.

List of regions[edit]

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Region Releases
The Battle Isles Core
The Mists
Ascalon (pre-Searing) Prophecies
Ascalon Prophecies
Eye of the North
Bonus Mission Pack
Crystal Desert Prophecies
Kryta Prophecies
Bonus Mission Pack
Maguuma Jungle Prophecies
Shiverpeak Mountains (sub-regions: Northern Shiverpeaks and Southern Shiverpeaks)
Ring of Fire Islands Prophecies
Shing Jea Island Factions
Kaineng City Factions
Bonus Mission Pack
Echovald Forest Factions
The Jade Sea
Kourna Nightfall
Bonus Mission Pack
Istan Nightfall
The Desolation
Realm of Torment
Charr Homelands Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria
Far Shiverpeaks Eye of the North
Tarnished Coast