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An explorable area is an instanced area of the map. Each instance is only accessible by the party that started the instance. An instance is lost when the last player in the party leaves it.

Once in an explorable area, players can explore, kill mobs, or complete quests. Most outposts contain exits to explorable areas.

Unlike missions, you are automatically resurrected upon death at the nearest active Resurrection Shrine.

Because these areas are instanced, the set of NPCs and monsters may differ from time to time. Creature spawns will sometimes be regulated by quests, so going into an explorable area while trying to complete a quest may result in a different collection of enemies.


[edit] Core

Battle Isles The Mists

[edit] Prophecies pre-Searing


[edit] Prophecies post-Searing

Ascalon Northern Shiverpeaks Kryta Maguuma Jungle Crystal Desert Southern Shiverpeaks Ring of Fire Islands The Mists

[edit] Factions

Shing Jea Island Kaineng City Echovald Forest The Jade Sea

[edit] Nightfall

Istan Kourna Vabbi The Desolation Realm of Torment

[edit] Eye of the North

Charr Homelands Depths of Tyria Far Shiverpeaks Tarnished Coast

[edit] See also

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