Giant's Basin

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Giant's Basin
Giant's Basin.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Kryta
Type Landmark

Giant's Basin is the combination of two large salt lakes on the northern edge of Kryta - Lesser Giant's Basin is north of North Kryta Province and the larger of the two lakes lies north of both Watchtower Coast and Divinity Coast. The village of Demetra resides between the two.


Player: "It's clear that the White Mantle army advanced on this location. If Langmar and Thackeray were indeed here, they would have had to choose between an impossible fight or the treacherous water below. Nothing remains to suggest the outcome".



  • Previously, Giant's Basin was only referred to as one body of water in-game, however, the in-game references to the Giant's Basin pointed to both bodies of water. This changed in the July 8, 2010 update with the mention of the Lesser Giant's Basin.

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