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A chest is an interactive object which, when used, drops items for members of the party to pick up. This can be random loot or items required for a quest. Chests can be classified mainly into two types; locked and unlocked. Locked chests require a key or lockpick to unlock and drop uncommon or rare loot for the individual which opened the chest. Unlocked chests are mostly used for retrieving quest items or elite mission rewards, and are found through the game with various appearances and purposes.

Locked chests[edit]

Locked Chest open.jpg

Locked chests are found throughout Tyria and the Mists. There are two naming conventions for locked chests:


  • Each chest in an instance can only be opened once per individual.
  • Once every player character has opened a chest, it will display as an open lid.
  • When opened, chest contents are dropped on the ground, assigned to the character who opened the chest.
    • The loot can be a skill tome, weapon, or salvage armor. The weapon or salvage armor will be one that can also be dropped by a foe near that chest.
    • The rarity of the item is tied to the value of the key that opens it: 80Gold keys never return gold (i.e. rare) items, 600Gold keys tend to release max weapons, and Locked Chests in Hard mode are the most likely to drop gold items.
  • Opening a chest that requires a Lockpick or a key worth at least 600Gold contributes one point to the Treasure Hunter title track.
  • Locked chests spawn when you enter a zone.
    • Chests can also spawn after triggering a quest-related popup, e.g. after a new wave of foes or a dungeon end-chest appears.
    • Chests spawn within a radius centered on a specific spot within the zone; they can spawn anywhere within that radius (including behind a portal).
    • Up to five chests can spawn in a zone, although some zones will never have more than one.
    • Chests never spawn immediately near the party's entry point on the map.
    • Chests that appear unguarded are a good indication that popup foes might trigger as you approach.

List of locked chests[edit]

Chests marked in gold count towards the Treasure Hunter title track.

Prophecies Factions Nightfall Core

Unlocked chests[edit]

Unlocked chests are those that do not need a key to open them.

Generic unlocked chests[edit]

In pre-Searing Ascalon and Ascalon there are some chest-like items that you can click on. They return a number of white items or gold coins. These items are randomly assigned to a party member within compass range, including henchmen and heroes. To ensure that drops are assigned to a player character, flag any henchmen and heroes out of compass range before opening it.

Quest item chests[edit]

Put in to facilitate retrieving items required to complete a quest. When the chest is opened it (typically) drops sufficient quest items for the party to each have the necessary quest item to complete the quest.

Chest name Location Requirements
Chest Lakeside County Permanent feature, but only used for a quest.
Chest Gates of Kryta Holds Orrian Text quest bonus item.
Chest Barbarous Shore Holds the item Preserved Red Iris Flower which, when given to Gwen, will let her give you Fire and Pain quest.
Corsair Chest Plains of Jarin Holds the item Notched Sword, an item needed in order to complete the quest Proof of Courage. Only appears when this quest is active.
Old Chest Wajjun Bazaar It holds the Tattered Bear, an item needed in order to complete the quest Little Lost Bear.
Chest Alcazia Tangle Holds the Grimoire Arcanum book, which is required in order to complete the quest Turning the Page.

Quest and mission reward chests[edit]

Quest and mission reward chests after completing a quest or mission. They fall into two categories: those that drop a single item, randomly assigned to a single party member and those that each player can open once (and any resulting drops are assigned to that player).

Single item, random assignment[edit]

These chests contain purple items that are randomly assigned to a party member within compass range, including henchmen and heroes. To ensure that drops are assigned to a player character, flag any henchmen and heroes out of compass range before opening it.

Chest name Location Requirements
Chest The Fissure of Woe Complete Tower of Courage
Complete Defend the Temple of War
Chest Sorrow's Furnace Spawned 3 times during Kilroy Stonekin. Drops 2 or 3 items.
Chest The Underworld Spawned the first time a quest is completed for a given Reaper

Quest-end reward chests[edit]

These chests drop items assigned to each player that opens them.

Chest name Location Requirements
Chest of Woe The Fissure of Woe Complete all quests in the Fissure of Woe
Underworld Chest The Underworld Complete all quests in the Underworld
Chest The Hall of Heroes Win a match in the Hall of Heroes
Wintersday Chest Secret Lair of the Snowmen Wintersday only:
Complete Straight to the Heart or the Strength of Snow
Chest name Location After defeating...
Urgoz's Chest Urgoz's Warren Urgoz
Kanaxai's Chest The Deep Kanaxai
Chest name Location After defeating...
Stygian Chest Stygian Veil Dreadspawn Maw
Titan Chest The Foundry of Failed Creations the Fury
Torc'qua Chest City of Torc'qua Lord Jadoth
Ravenheart Chest Ravenheart Gloom The Greater Darkness
Citadel Chest The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx Mallyx the Unyielding
Dungeon reward chests[edit]
Chest name Location After defeating...
Arachni's Spoils Arachni's Haunt: Level 3 Arachni.
Bogroot Chest Bogroot Growths: Level 2 Khabuus or Z'him Monns.
Chest of Burrows Frostmaw's Burrows: Level 5 Frostmaw the Kinslayer.
Chest of Kathandrax Catacombs of Kathandrax: Level 3 Ilsundur, Lord of Fire.
Chest of Wintersday Past Secret Lair of the Snowmen Freezie.
Destroyer Chest Raven's Point: Level 3 Plague of Destruction.
Dragrimmar Chest Sepulchre of Dragrimmar: Level 2 Remnant of Antiquities.
Eldritch Chest Bloodstone Caves: Level 3 Eldritch Ettin.
Fendi's Chest Shards of Orr: Level 3 Fendi Nin.
Havok's Chest Darkrime Delves: Level 3 Havok Soulwail.
Hidesplitter's Chest Rragar's Menagerie: Level 3 Hidesplitter and Rragar Maneater.
Irontoe's Chest Fronis Irontoe's Lair Fronis Irontoe.
Mountain Heart Chest Heart of the Shiverpeaks: Level 3 Cyndr the Mountain Heart.
Murakai's Chest Cathedral of Flames: Level 3 Murakai, Lady of the Night.
Oola's Chest Oola's Lab: Level 3 TPS Regulator Golem.
Prismatic Chest Ooze Pit All three Prismatic Oozes.
Zoldark's Chest Vloxen Excavations: Level 3 Zoldark the Unholy.
Chest of the Slaver Slavers' Exile: Forgewight Forgewight and its party.
Slavers' Exile: Justiciar Thommis Justiciar Thommis.
Slavers' Exile: Justiciar Thommis Rand Stormweaver.
Slavers' Exile: Selvetarm Selvetarm.
Hierophant's Chest Slavers' Exile: Duncan the Black Duncan the Black.

Throughout Nightfall there are several places where unlocked chest or chest-like objects are found. They reward the player with a large pile of gold and a good weapon or a gem. See Treasure for more information on the location and content of these chests.

Storage chest[edit]

The player can get access to their storage by talking to a Xunlai Chest found in most outposts. Unlike other chests, these are actually NPCs instead of interactive objects.

Hidden Treasure[edit]

In Dungeons, one can find Hidden Treasure with Light of Deldrimor. They contain either gold, a Lockpick, a Dungeon Map or rare crafting materials for each party members. Like Storage chests, while they look like chests, they are actually NPCs.


Anomaly Anomaly.Chests spawn in some missions, but not others. For example, they do not spawn at all in Nightfall Cooperative Missions. They also will not spawn in areas that require an active quest to enter, e.g. a mini-mission.
Bug Bug.NPCs can get stuck on chests (as they can with any interactive object).
Bug Bug.On very rare occasions, one player will get two drops from a chest while another in the party will get none.


  • At launch, all chests in Prophecies opened without a key and would produce a selection of randomly-assigned items. Drops were scaled to the area (e.g. higher-end chests had a greater chance of spawning a purple or gold). This was replaced with the current key system in the September 7, 2005 update.