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Cooperative Missions are PvE missions where an individual party, or parties of player characters work to meet the mission objective of a storyline mission. Cooperative Missions are always a part of the storyline of a particular chapter, so feature a number of cinematics which not only explain the objectives and flesh out the story but provide context for the following quests. All missions may be accessed though Embark Beach, provided party members have been there prior.

Cooperative Missions are indicated on the map as a shield icon. A mission which has been completed will have a number of swords or spears through it indicating whether, or how many of, the bonus objectives were achieved for the mission.

The mission is entered from an outpost of the same name as the mission. For Prophecies and Factions, the mission is available as soon as you reach the outpost for the mission. Once a party is ready to enter, the "Enter mission" button at the bottom of the party window is clicked to enter the mission. In Nightfall, an NPC needs to be talked to to enter the mission. This NPC is shown by having a green mission icon above their head. The player can easily reach a mission outpost in Nightfall but not be able to complete the appropriate mission until the right point in the storyline has passed. In Eye of the North, missions are also given by NPCs, as well as the Scrying Pool. Many Eye of the North "missions" are technically primary quests, and have resurrection shrines unlike ordinary missions, but they begin and end with cinematics, have a similar reward system, and take place in changed map zones. Accepting to enter the mission starts a 10 second countdown to entering the mission for a party with more than one human, 4 second for a single human and henchman party.

Mission rewards[edit]

A Cooperative Mission has a primary objective which must be met to complete the mission and move on. Often, a mission will have an additional objective or requirement to meet to obtain a bonus reward. Rewards in Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall are given once per character. Eye of the North missions have no bonus objectives, but can be repeated for a reduced reward.

The bonus objectives can be based on completing the mission in a certain time limit (most common in Factions), or completing certain optional goals. Prophecies missions have two mission rewards (Primary and Bonus) while Factions and Nightfall have three mission rewards (Standard, Expert, and Master).

Completion of a mission and its bonus objective(s) will reward a skill point, a certain amount of experience, gold (except normal mode Prophecies missions) per objective completed (exact amounts listed below). With the exception of skill points, the rewards are doubled in hard mode. Certain missions will also reward affiliation points - in Factions and Nightfall, these rewards are only given on the first completion. Along with this, completion of all primary and bonus objectives advances the Protector and Guardian titles.


  • Normal mode:
    • Mission completion: 1,000 XP and 1 skill point.
    • Bonus completion: 1,000 XP.
  • Hard mode:
    • Mission completion: 2,000 XP, 500Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Bonus completion: 2,000 XP, 500Gold and 1 skill point.


Most missions are timed. Some missions reward Kurzick or Luxon points.

  • Normal mode:
    • Mission completion: 1,000 XP, 100Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Expert's reward: 1,500 XP, 150Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Master's reward: 2,000 XP, 200Gold and 1 skill point.
  • Hard mode:
    • Mission completion: 1,000 XP, 200Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Expert's reward: 2,000 XP, 300Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Master's reward: 3,000 XP, 500Gold and 1 skill point.


A large variety of different bonus goals, including some timed missions. A number of Sunspear or Lightbringer points are awarded depending on the region and difficulty of the mission for each level of completion.

  • Normal mode:
    • Mission completion: 1,000 XP, 100Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Expert's reward: 1,500 XP, 150Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Master's reward: 2,000 XP, 200Gold and 1 skill point.
  • Hard mode:
    • Standard reward: 1,000 XP, 200Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Expert's reward: 2,000 XP, 300Gold and 1 skill point.
    • Master's reward: 3,000 XP, 500Gold and 1 skill point.

Eye of the North[edit]

No bonus goals.

  • Normal mode:
    • First time completion: 2,500 XP, 1,000-5,000 reputation points with the associated group.
    • Repeated completion: 2,500 XP, 100-300 reputation points.
  • Hard mode:
    • First time completion: 2,500 XP, 1,500-7,500 reputation points (1.5 times the Normal mode rewards).
    • Repeated completion: 2,500 XP, 150-450 reputation points (1.5 times the Normal mode rewards).

List of cooperative missions[edit]

The maximum completion time for Master's reward is listed in minutes for timed missions to help determine which timed missions can be completed in the shortest amount of time; however, Master's reward is not required to receive a Proof of Legend.

Campaign Region Mission NM HM Duration#
Prophecies Ascalon The Great Northern Wall
Fort Ranik
Ruins of Surmia
Nolani Academy
(Northern and Southern Shiverpeaks)
Borlis Pass Long
The Frost Gate Long
Ice Caves of Sorrow Medium
Iron Mines of Moladune Medium/Long
Thunderhead Keep Long
Kryta Gates of Kryta Medium
D'Alessio Seaboard Medium
Divinity Coast Medium
Riverside Province Short
Sanctum Cay Medium
Maguuma Jungle The Wilds Long
Bloodstone Fen Long
Aurora Glade Medium
Crystal Desert Dunes of Despair
Thirsty River
Elona Reach
Augury Rock 10 2
The Dragon's Lair
Ring of Fire Island Chain Ring of Fire Long
Abaddon's Mouth Long
Hell's Precipice Medium/Long
Factions Shing Jea Island Minister Cho's Estate 20 20 Short
Zen Daijun 20 20 Short
Kaineng City Vizunah Square 25 35
Nahpui Quarter 25 40
Tahnnakai Temple 20 30
Sunjiang District 20 25
Echovald Forest Arborstone 30 30
The Eternal Grove
The Jade Sea Boreas Seabed 20 20
Gyala Hatchery
Unwaking Waters 15 15
Raisu Palace Raisu Palace 20 26
Imperial Sanctum 2.5 3
Nightfall Istan Chahbek Village Short
Jokanur Diggings
Blacktide Den
Kourna Consulate Docks Short
Venta Cemetery
Kodonur Crossroads
Pogahn Passage
Rilohn Refuge
Moddok Crevice
Nundu Bay
Vabbi Tihark Orchard
Dasha Vestibule
Dzagonur Bastion
Grand Court of Sebelkeh 6 12 Short
Jennur's Horde
The Desolation Gate of Desolation
Ruins of Morah 8 10
Realm of Torment Gate of Pain
Gate of Madness
Abaddon's Gate 20 20
Eye of the North Charr Homelands Against the Charr
Warband of Brothers
Assault on the Stronghold
Depths of Tyria Destruction's Depths
A Time for Heroes
Far Shiverpeaks Curse of the Nornbear
A Gate Too Far
Blood Washes Blood
Tarnished Coast Finding the Bloodstone
The Elusive Golemancer
Genius Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation
  1. Only during quests and missions.
  • Short = Less than 20 minutes.
  • Medium = Averages 20-40 minutes.
  • Long = Exceeds 40 minutes.


  • Since missions are repeatable, the player does not have to attain the bonus objectives or Master's reward on the first attempt.


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