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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Beyond.
Gwen (Eye of the North).jpg
Affiliation Ebon Vanguard
Type Human
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Service Hero
Level(s) 1, 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North
Gwen wallpaper.jpg
A wallpaper featuring Gwen.

Born in Ascalon, Gwen has witnessed horrible things in her young life, seeing both her country and family destroyed by the Charr. After the Searing, she was captured and enslaved by the Charr, but escaped and fled north, where she found other human exiles.

Since then, Gwen has become an adventurer. She makes her home in the Eye of the North, the headquarters of the Ebon Vanguard, where she serves Captain Langmar. She is one of the fiercest defenders of Ascalon, determined to exact vengeance against those who destroyed her home. Gwen has survived on the edges of Charr territory for years, watching them tear apart her childhood dreams and her beautiful homeland. Now she has nothing but memories—and anger—to sustain her. She is not the girl she once was...

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

Captain Gwen Thackeray (born 1060 AE) is an Ascalonian adventurer and the current commanding officer of the Ebon Vanguard. Originally hailing from Ashford, she lived with her mother Sarah until the Searing, when her mother was killed and she was taken captive by the Charr. For seven years she suffered at their hands, during which time she developed a deep hatred of the feline race. Eventually, she escaped, fleeing north until she chanced upon an Ebon Vanguard camp, where Captain Langmar took her in.

Within a year she had risen to the position of second-in-command, and aided in the effort to rescue Langmar and her soldiers from the Charr Homelands when they were captured during a mission. In doing so, she helped topple Hierophant Burntsoul, which was the main stepping stone for Pyre Fierceshot's long road to revolution. Alongside Langmar and others, she followed the Vanguard to victory in the battle against the Great Destroyer. Other notable accomplishments at this stage of her life include helping to stop a possible Titan threat in the Charr Homelands and returning to Ascalon to deal with Dahgar the Eye of Flame, one of her Charr tormentors during her long years in captivity.

By 1079 AE, she had become romantically involved with Lieutenant Keiran Thackeray. However, her cold personality made his advances difficult and eventually he gave up, deciding to travel to Kryta with his unit, the Ebon Falcons, in order to help defeat the White Mantle in return for aid against the Charr from the Krytan monarchy. During the Krytan civil war, Captain Langmar was killed and Keiran was reported as missing in action, leaving a distraught Gwen in command of the Ebon Vanguard. She organized a search for Keiran, eventually reuniting with him at Anvil Rock. After the two reunited, Keiran proposed, and the two were married in Olafstead.

In 1080 AE, King Adelbern recalls Gwen Thackeray and the Ebon Vanguard to fortify Ebonhawke, a town alongside the Blazeridge Mountains, in order to solidify supply lines to Ascalon City.




Concept art by Kristen Perry.

Quests given:

Quests involved in:



Gwen is recruited shortly after reaching the Eye of the North. After watching The First Vision via the Scrying Pool in the Hall of Monuments for the first time, Gwen will become unlocked.


The Flight North

12 Illusion Magic

Hero default skills

12 Domination Magic, 6 Fast Casting, 11 Inspiration Magic

The Norn Fighting Tournament

15 Domination Magic, ? Fast Casting, ? Inspiration Magic


Concept art by Kristen Perry.

Gwen starts with Mesmer Ebon Vanguard armor. Like most heroes, her headgear (mask in her case) is hidden. Her armor has an armor rating of 60.

The appearance of her armor can be upgraded to Brotherhood armor using Cloth of the Brotherhood acquired from the Glint's Challenge challenge mission. The appearance of her armor can be upgraded to Deldrimor armor using Deldrimor Armor Remnant acquired in the Slavers' Exile from killing Duncan the Black.

See Gwen's armor gallery.


Ascalon (pre-Searing)[edit]

"Can I follow you?"

Hall of Monuments[edit]

"All of us have suffered in our own way."
With both Red Iris Flower and Tapestry Shred, before completion of The Missing Vanguard
"I appreciate that you kept these relics of my past, but we must put them aside for now. The Ebon Vanguard needs us."
With either Red Iris Flower or Tapestry Shred, before completion of The Missing Vanguard
"I can't believe you held on that for so many years. But, with the Ebon Vanguard missing, my own past must be put aside for now. We'll have time for this matter after my friends are rescued."
With only Preserved Red Iris Flower, before completion of The Missing Vanguard
"So many feelings. So many memories. I... no. The Ebon Vanguard needs us. We'll talk again after that matter is settled."
During Wintersday, after completion of Wintersday Cheer
"I'm sorry I was angry. This pendant means so much to me. I can feel love in it. My mother's love, and.... Thank you! Thank you for everything, my friend."
Alternative dialogue after watching the first vision
"By the way, we found this monumental tapestry a while ago. I think it's meant for one of these walls, but I never got around to choosing which monument to hang it over. Since the scrying pool responded to you, I think it's only fitting that you decide. Here, take it."
Yes Thank you. I know you've had greater concerns than these monuments.
If Lieutenant Thackeray is present
", Lieutenant Thackeray was just leaving. What can I do for you?"

Conversation options[edit]

⇒ What is this place?
"We call this the Hall of Monuments. When the Ebon Vanguard arrived here, we found these platforms and this scrying pool. Captain Langmar, Artificer Mullenix, and I have all tried, repeatedly, to make it function. It won't respond to any of us. It's like the pool is waiting for something... or someone."
⇒ What is this pool in the center of the room?
"The scrying pool! You made it respond to your will! When the Ebon Vanguard first arrived here, we found this pool and the surrounding platforms, but none of us could make it respond. It's as if it was waiting for you."
⇒ What is the Ebon Vanguard?
"The Ebon Vanguard was originally just a small cadre of soldiers sent north to raid the Charr and divert their troops from the southern invasions. Over time, exiles, refugees, and escaped prisoners of war swelled their ranks, and we've since became known as the Ebon Vanguard. But our mission remains the same: we must take the fight to the Charr and force them to leave Ascalon!"
⇒ Where is the Ebon Vanguard?
"The Eye of the North is our main base, but the Vanguard sends raids deep into the Charr homelands, through Longeye's Ledge in Norn territory to the east. Captain Langmar should have returned from her last mission by now, and I fear the worst."
⇒ How did you end up with the Ebon Vanguard?
"I don't really want to talk about that. I was a prisoner of the Charr, I escaped. Now I want vengeance."
No I'll be on my way.

The Underworld[edit]

Concept art by Kristen Perry.
Only if Gwen is in the party.
Sarah: "Gwen? Has anyone seen my daughter, Gwen? Gwen?
Gwen: "Mommy...? Mother, is that you?
Sarah: "Gwen!! Look how you've grown! How many years have passed me by in this place...? I feared I would never seen you again; that you were lost to me forever.
Gwen: "Mother, I...I don't know what to say. I've wanted to see you for so long. I searched everywhere after... the Searing. I tried to find you. Others survived, so I thought...I hoped...that somehow...
Sarah: "I know I wasn't there for you. I'm so sorry about that.... But look at you now. You've become a beautiful young woman! Oh, the years I missed. There's so much to say; a lifetime of regrets I can never turn into words."
Gwen: "You don't need to regret the words we haven't spoken...only those we have yet to say."
Sarah: "To think that my little, carefree daughter, whose head was once so filled with adventures, could say such a thing."
Gwen: "I'm not that little girl anymore, Mother. Those days are lost behind a wall of fire."
Sarah: "Your life wasn't easy, was it? I can't even imagine. You were so young...Gwen...too young to grow up alone in that hellish world. Is it better now? I pray everyday that your suffering has ended, that the world has become sane again..."
Gwen: "The Charr are... they still threaten our homes, our people. We fight them even now, so that others will never know the pain we carry in our hearts."
Sarah: "We?"
Gwen: "Yes. We... I and my friends... and many other brave warriors. We do what we can; what must be done. The Charr... they took you away from me. They took so much... from us all. I can never forget that. Never!"
Sarah: "Oh, Gwen. I know you were hurt. But you can't let wounds from your past guide the decisions you make in the present."
Gwen: "I can't forget what I lost, Mother. I won't forget you."
Sarah: "I'm not asking you to forget. Some things we carry within our hearts, always. We all have scars and memories, tears of loss and laughter from mirths long gone. They're a part of us. But they are not all that we are."
Sarah: "We are something greater than the sum of our parts. We can learn and grow. Let your experiences, both good and bad, teach you, guide you. But never let them control you."
Gwen: "Mother, I... this is not a fight I can abandon. Not after all we've lost. I must see this through. I must."
Sarah: "No matter how hard you fight, you can never bring those things back, Gwen. They belong to the past now. Your life... you... you belong to the present; no, to the future... Let me tell you something I learned only after my death."
Sarah: "We view this world through eyes cast forward, so we can see the future stretching out in front of us, beckoning us onward through our lives. So, if you must fight, fight for the life you want to lead... for the future you want to live in."
Sarah: "If you fight to fix the regret of the past, you will lose. The past cannot be beaten. As you said, we shouldn't regret the words we never got a chance to say... or the life we never got to lead. Live your life, my little girl. That is all a mother wants... all I ever wanted."
Gwen: "I... I don't know what to say. I love you."
Sarah: "As I love you. Your eyes speak the words you cannot say. I know there is something you must do, Gwen. I always knew you would achieve great things."
Sarah: "Now, I see you before me. I see the kind of person you have become. Strong but willful, caring and empathic, but so driven. I will worry about you... that is a mother's right... but I won't stop you."
Sarah: "Go. Do what you must. Just be careful. I will be here, waiting for you to return."
Gwen: "When this is all over, I will return. I promise. And, if the gods are just, I shall bring good tidings..."
Gwen: "But, please don't wait for me, Mother. You must move on as well, and you will always be in my heart. Always. That is something I can take with me as I look forward to that future; that bright horizon yet to dawn. I love you, Mommy."
Returning to the Underworld (with only Gwen)
Sarah: "Gwen! You've come back to see me...and so soon. Time is difficult to gauge here, but you don't look a day older than the last time i saw you. You're still well and safe? Are you eating enough?"
Gwen: "Mother! Please...I'm fine. I'm a woman now, not a little girl. I can take care of myself. This world may be far from perfect, but it will take a lot more than what I've been through to stop me!"
Sarah: "I would say there are some things about you that you'll never outgrow...And no matter what happens, a mother will always worry about her little girl."
Gwen: "Okay. I guess I can't ask you to stop worrying about me, but really I'm doing well. I just wanted to come see you again. I...I miss you."
Sarah: "And I you, my little darling. Come visit me any time. I cherish these moments."
Returning to the Underworld (with Gwen and Keiran Thackeray).
Sarah: "Oh, my dearest Gwen, you've come back to see me again. It's been too long. And you've brought someone new with you. Who is this?"
Gwen: "This is Keiran Thackeray, mom. He's my...."
Keiran Thackeray: "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma'am. I've heard so much about you. Good things, that is. Only good things. You look well! The picture of perfect health."
Gwen: "Keiran...are you nervous?"
Keiran Thackeray: "No. Not at all. Well, maybe just a little. I've never done this sort of thing before."
Sarah: "Your friend is quite amusing."
Gwen: "He's not my friend, mom. He' husband."
Sarah: "Husband? By the six! My little girl is all grown up now! Keiran is it? Come, come, tell me about yourself. I want to know everything!"
Gwen: "Everything mom? That might take a while."
Sarah: "Sweetheart, I've got all the time in the world."
Keiran Thackeray: "Well, I'll start from the beginning. My name is Keiran, which was given to me by my father in honor of..."
Gwen: "How about we save the life story for another day? We really need to be going now."
Sarah: "If we must. I really hope that I'll get to hear your story someday, Keiran. And Gwen, you never visit enough! A mother worries, you know?"
Gwen: "I know, mom. I know."


The Wedding
"This isn't exactly the wedding I had always pictured as a child, but this is still the happiest day I can remember. Thank you for everything you have done for me ... for us."


Concept art by Hai Phan.

Ascalon (pre-Searing)[edit]

"Are we there yet?"
"Are you a hero, too, like Aidan and Devona? My daddy was a great warrior, but he died when I was seven. Mommy says maybe we'll see him again after we die. Do you think that's true?"
"Devona is so pretty! I love her hair. Do you think my hair will be that pretty when I grow up?"
"Eww! A big beetle!"
"Have you met my mommy? Her name is Sarah. She's the town herbalist. She helps make sick people well again."
"How am I ever going to get home?
"I hope this isn't too dangerous."
"I'm on an adventure!"
"Hail King Adelbern!"
"I think I'm going to follow you!"
"I want to be an adventurer too. Can I come with you?"
"I wish I had a red cape like Sandra's. It's my favorite color."
"I wonder how many flowers it takes to fill a vase?"
"I wonder if mommy would like these flowers."
"Lady Althea's father is a duke. That means he's important, and he knows Prince Rurik. I'd love to meet the prince someday."
"Mary Malone brought us apples today. They're so lovely and ripe! Mommy wouldn't let me have one. She's saving them to bake a pie. Yummy!"
"Mommy says I shouldn't bother the grownups so much, but there aren't any children for me to play with. Besides, they're all so nice to me! Well, most of them are, anyway."
"Mr. & Mrs. Hathorn have children, but they're too young to play with me. Sometimes Mrs. Hathorn lets me hold the baby. He's so cute!"
"My daddy was an adventurer like you. Once, he let me go on an adventure with him."
"Okay, I'll wait here."
"Old Mack has a bull named Bill, and he's really mean. Once I saw him chase a man and hurt him real bad. Someone ought to do something about him. If my daddy was here, he'd kill that old bull and carve him into steaks!"
"Prince Rurik and Lady Althea are going to get married! I can't wait! I hope I get to attend the wedding. I just love weddings!"
"Some day I will be a famous musician!"
"Someone help me!"
"That last flower had a bee on it!"
"The red flowers are my favorite."
"Those monsters almost ate me!"
"When I grow up I want to be an adventurer just like you."
"When I grow up, I'm going to be a hero like my daddy. I'd like to be a warrior, but the mesmers' outfits are nicer, don't you think?"
"Will we ever be there?"
"You look really strong. Can you teach me anything?"
In the presence of profession trainers
Warrior "Van is so big and strong! He reminds me of my daddy...strong and brave and handsome. Sigh. I miss my daddy."
Ranger "Don't you just love Artemis? She's so funny! She always makes me laugh, especially when I'm sad. And she knows how to make animals friendly! Isn't that wonderfull?"
Monk "Mommy and Ciglo are both healers, but Mommy uses herbs to heal people, and Ciglo uses magic from Dwayna. He told me. He's very nice to children."
Mesmer "Oooh, did you see Sebedoh's outfit? It's lovely, isn't it? I especially like her shoes. When I grow up, I want to be a mesmer so I can have shoes like those."
Elementalist "Howland is so boring! He never has time for children. I wonder what he's thinking about all the time? He always looks so serious."
During Annihilator 2: Searing Day
"Now, remember: you can't kill anyone. Except the bad golem, I guess."

Beta Weekend Event[edit]

"Ashes, ashes, you all fall down!"
"Burn baby burn!"
"Burn it to the ground! Muhahahaha!"
"Did I say you could talk to me, <character name>?"
"Do you like fire, <character name>?"
"Eeny Meany Miney Mo, I pick you, <character name>."
"Hey, where are you going?"
"If you don't get off me, I'll burn you, <character name>."
"It's not an easy thing to meet your maker, <character name>."
"Mommy always said not to play with fire. But Mommy's dead."
"My 3 favorite things: Skipping, playing the flute, and burning towns down."
"My mother? Let me tell you about my mother."
"My name is Gwen, and I don't liiike yooou."
"Ok, <character name> time to die."
"Painful to live in fear, isn't it?"
"Stop touching me, <character name>, that's inappropriate behavior."
"The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!"
"We need no water, let the ..."
"Why does everyone I love always die?"
"You didn't save Ascalon, now I'm going to hurt you."

Eye of the North[edit]

Concept art.
"All the iris flowers are dead. Soon, the Charr will follow."
"Devona taught me how to fight. The Charr taught me how to kill."
"I'm not a child anymore. It's time for you to follow me."
"It's so cold here. I should have brought my cloak..."
"Mother told me we see people again after we die. I miss her."
"The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long."
Voice response
"How can I help?"

Battle quotes[edit]

"...and I'm all out of mossgum!"
"Again? Can't we get some real challenges?"
"Anyone who runs gets it in the back! The only thing you save is your pretty smile."
"Destiny? Destiny's nothing but justice without the smell of burned flesh."
"For Ascalon and the wall!"
"Forgiveness? That's Lyssa's job. It's mine to arrange the meeting."
"I'll tell you what I told the Charr: fur burns, too!"
"I'm learning about pain and torment one Charr at a time."
"If it bleeds, we can kill it."
"Mother... forgive me."
"Nobody gets away from me! I'll follow you to the ends of the world if I have to!"
"The Ebon Vanguard will fight until Ascalon is free!"
"Victory to Dwayna! Victory to Ascalon!"
"You've got some really nice toys there. Mind if I break them?"



Concept art by Kristen Perry, claimed to be for Guild Wars Utopia


  • Players had initially presumed Gwen was dead, another victim of the Searing. Over the years, hints of her survival were placed in-game: Gwen's Broken Flute can be found in Old Ascalon, and a Preserved Red Iris Flower can be found in a chest on the Barbarous Shore. Additionally, a Tattered Girl's Cape used to spawn in Stingray Strand.
  • "Gwen-chan" and "Dr. Boar" have a tutorial section on the official Japanese site.
  • To end one of the beta weekend events, Gwen appeared and used Spontaneous Combustion to wipe out the player population. This is not considered part of Guild Wars lore; developers often use similar devices to end events.
  • Much of her dialogue references popular films:
    • "...and I'm all out of mossgum." is a parodied line from They Live!
    • "If it bleeds, we can kill it." references Predator
    • "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long." and "You've got some really nice toys there." references Blade Runner
    • "Forgiveness? That's Lyssa's job. It's mine to arrange the meeting" references Man on Fire
  • The acronym for Guild Wars Eye of the North is GW:EN, which is an assumed intentional allusion to Gwen's name.
  • The voice actor for this character is Kari Wahlgren, who also speaks for Tahlkora, Shahai the Cunning, and Guild Wars 2's Caithe.
  • The Charr will refer to her as "The Goremonger" out of fear, hatred, or respect after 1080 AE.
  • Gwen will be buried in Ebonhawke when she dies.

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