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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies.

Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Professions Warrior Warrior
Necromancer Necromancer
Assassin Assassin
Service Henchman
Level(s) 5, 12, 16, 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North
"Devona" wallpaper.jpg
A wallpaper featuring Devona.

Devona is quite serious and direct in her dealings with others. She aspires to be a great Warrior, just like her father. At times this aspiration turns into a tremendous internal pressure to succeed. Devona's father was one of the leaders of Ascalon's Chosen, a prestigious and well-respected guild. He died defending the city walls against a raid by an Orrian guild during the last Guild War. Devona was only a little girl at the time, but since that day, she has dedicated her life to mastering the martial arts of sword and hammer.

Devona is the level-headed leader of the party. She always assesses a situation before rushing in, which sometimes puts her at odds with the brash Cynn. Despite her restraint and control, Devona has a temper, and it can get the best of her. She would sacrifice her own life to save the life of a friend, and she frequently puts herself in harm's way to protect those who travel with her. Devona has a deep sense of loyalty and duty. To her, there would be no greater honor than to follow in the footsteps of her father and give her life defending that which is most dear to her.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

Devona (born either 1047 or 1048 AE) is an Ascalonian who travels with Aidan, Cynn, Eve, and Mhenlo. She is the daughter of Mordakai, one of the members of Ascalon's Chosen, who fought in the Guild Wars. He died in 1052 AE, when Devona was five, during a two day siege, in defense of the fortress of Kyhlo against the Orrian guild Zealots of Shiverpeak in order to keep their home safe; Devona often says that she grew up to know peace due to her father's sacrifice. She also believes that her father is watching her from the Mists; she acts to make him proud of her.

She grew up to be a captain in the Ascalon Army and member of Ascalon's Chosen protecting those of Ashford from the threats of bandits and the Grawl, and lived through the Searing and the initial Charr invasion. While adventuring with Aidan, Cynn, and Mhenlo, she met Eve in a graveyard while being chased by Charr; the group later joined Prince Rurik in an assault against the Charr and eventually joined the Ascalonian migration to Kryta. Afterward, the group traveled across Tyria, participating in the fulfillment of the Flameseeker Prophecies, and eventually went south to Cantha to aid Master Togo against Shiro Tagachi and the Afflicted.

During her time in Cantha, despite her lack of experience in the southern continent, she often rose to lead the group, which caused her to butt heads with both Togo and Mhenlo. Her tendency to look-before-she-leaps has caused issues with the impulsive natures of Lo Sha and Cynn; when she loses her temper she often erupts into verbal — but never physical — conflict. Despite any arguments with her allies, she remains loyal to them. She was even the first to volunteer to join Mhenlo in his trip south.

In 1075 AE, she and her group of comrades were recruited by Kormir into the Order of the Sunspears in order to fight against Varesh Ossa, Abaddon, and their demonic Margonites during Nightfall. During 1078 AE, the group aided in the fight against the Destroyers and their master. What they did after is unknown, but the group appears a year later for Gwen and Keiran Thackeray's wedding.




Quests given
Quests involved in




12 Hammer Mastery, 12 Tactics


11 or 12 Tactics (15 Tactics in the Vizunah Square mission as an ally)


11 or 12 Tactics

Eye of the North


Lakeside County
Replacement Healers
The Deserters
North Kryta Province and Into the Unknown


The Norn Fighting Tournament


Concept art


  • Causes knock downs with Earth Shaker and 2 conditional knockdowns.
  • Respectable damage output.
  • Self-heal in Healing Signet.
  • Cannot inflict conditions.
  • Has limited defensive skills and lacks a shield.
  • Healing Signet lowers armor during activation.
  • No IAS skills.


  • Has 3 conditional knock downs.
  • Relatively high damage output.
  • Inflicts Weakness condition.
  • Self-heal in Healing Signet.
  • Has limited defensive skills and lacks a shield.
  • Healing Signet lowers armor during activation.
  • No IAS.
  • Only 7 skills outside the Raisu Palace and Imperial Sanctum missions.


  • Causes knock downs with Magehunter's Smash, and conditionally with Counter Blow.
  • Decent damage output.
  • Has a self-heal, in Lion's Comfort that also improves adrenaline gain.
  • No IAS.
  • Has limited defensive skills and lacks a shield.
  • Cannot inflict conditions.

Eye of the North[edit]

  • Has four knock down skills, one of which is unconditional.
  • Uses a mix of adrenaline and energy skills.
  • Respectable damage dealer.
  • Can inflict deep wound with Crushing Blow.
  • Has a self-heal, in Lion's Comfort.
  • Can effectively transfer conditions to enemies using Plague Touch.
  • Has no defensive skills and lacks a shield.
  • Bull's Strike is just queued by the AI and so is wasted most of the time.



All towns and outposts
"When I was young, my father was a member of Ascalon's Chosen. Now I too am a member of that same guild. There is nothing I won't do for my comrades, no risk I won't take for a friend. There is little I hold in higher regard than loyalty."
Lakeside County
Courage is the true hallmark of an Ascalon. That's what I believe. My father died defending the Great Wall, and if I have the chance, I'll do the same.
Is there something you'd like to talk about?
Deldrimor Bowl
This is the time for bold deeds, not words.
Lion's Gate
"My father used to cross the Shiverpeaks often when he served in the Vanguard for the King of Ascalon. Those days are long past, though my memories of him have never faded. As Prince Rurik led the refugees from Ascalon across the mountains, I felt for the first time I was walking in the footsteps of my father. I hope he is watching me from the Mists and is proud of what I have become. And if he isn't, he will be soon enough... for I will crush these undead beneath my hammer, and each of them so destroyed shall bring further the glory of our family!"
North Kryta Province (dialogue appears only after completion of the "Speak with Devona." objective of the Ascalon Settlement)
"There's been a lot of talk about these Shining Blade bandits. We should keep an eye out for the scum."
Skyward Reach
"This is the time for bold deeds, not words."
Droknar's Forge (explorable area)
"I think my father would be pleased, you know? Watching from the Mists...proud that I am his daughter."


Kaineng City towns and outposts
"When I was a child, my father used to tell me great tales of passing over the Shiverpeaks when he served with Ascalon's Chosen. My father would never believe I came all the way to Cantha to help fight a war against this great plague. I hope he can see me from the mists and is proud of me. Every enemy crushed beneath my hammer is another tribute to his memory."
Echovald Forest towns and outposts
"Just look at the beauty the Kurzicks have brought into this forest. It's no wonder they protect it from the Luxons. Enough talk, we should look to the task at hand."
Divine Path
"It was a tough fight, was it not?"


All towns and outposts
"I wasn't kidding when I said this would be a lot of work. Back in Tyria, my father died protecting people like the Istani. I'm going to live up to his memory, and show them what it means to be a real Warrior. The Kournans could do with a dose of honor, justice, and respect. Right in the face."
Throne of Secrets
"I can't believe you confronted a god...and won! I've never heard anything like it."

Eye of the North[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks towns and outposts
"Hail, friend. I am glad to have you by my side up here. The Norn are colder than snow."
Doomlore Shrine
"The Charr are our greatest enemies... and possibly, against these destroyers, our strongest allies. But I will not forgive them for what they have done to our homeland. They will pay."
Tarnished Coast towns and outposts
"Hold on, friend. You can't just run off and start fighting. If you don't have a plan, at least carry a big hammer."
Central Transfer Chamber
"I don't like dungeons. They're too... low. I keep hitting my head on rock formations."
"I remember the day a young hero came to Ashford trying to make a difference in the world. We've all come a long way since the innocent days of protecting people from bees."


Olafstead (during the Wedding)
"I can hardly believe the little girl I knew from Ashford just got married! Makes me think it's about time for me to settle down. Of course, I'm taking this a whole lot better than Cynn is..."



Shiverpeak Mountains
"During the last Guild Wars, members of Ascalon's Chosen used to regularly traverse these mountains."
"My father used to speak of his journeys over the Shiverpeaks."
"The Deldrimor Dwarves have always been allies of Ascalon."
"We have no time to waste lounging here."
Ring of Fire Islands
"If I had an arch enemy, this is where I would want to imprison him too."
"If only my father could see me now."
"The hiss of the lava as it pours into the sea is rather unnerving."
"We're a long way from Ascalon."


Kaineng City
"If only my father could see me now."
"Our enemies won't be standing around, why are we?"
"We have no time to waste lounging here."
Echovald Forest
"I hope everything is well back at the settlement."
"Let's look to the task at hand."
"We must proceed with caution."


"Don't fight for victory. Fight for honor, and victory will come on its own."
"I am glad to be with you, my friend. There is no one else I would rather have at my side."
"I think it's going to be a very long day."
"My father was a proud man, a noble warrior. When I dream, I still remember the promise he made to me."
"War is inevitable. It rises and falls like the tide. Battle is the moon that draws the water close, and death sends it out to sea once more."
"We're not in Ascalon any more."

Eye of the North[edit]

"Act without hesitation. Fight without mercy. Live without regret."
"Battle brings back memories, but they can be painful. I dreamed about my father again last night."
"I've traveled far and wide. I've seen wonders and horrors. But in all that time I've found there are very few problems that can't be fixed by a good hammer to the face."
"It's important to get a good rhythm going when swinging a hammer. Otherwise your arm gets tired."
"The countryside is so serene here. Why did war have to destroy my homeland?"
"The wall couldn't hold back the Charr... perhaps we can."

Battle quotes[edit]


"For Ascalon's Chosen."
"Forget duty, this is personal."
"Into the teeth of the beast!"
"Let's see how you like my hammer!"
"You've angered the wrong Warrior."


"For Ascalon!"
"For father!"
"My hammer is making a lovely mess."
"My hammer wishes to see you."
"You picked the wrong Warrior to upset."


"Father, look down on me and guide my hand!"
"Fight at my side, and together we shall be victorious!"
"For Ascalon and the Wall!"
"Idiot, meet hammer. Hammer, idiot."
"Honor and truth!"
"I tried to keep my temper, but I failed. Oh, well."
"If it isn't tough to do, it isn't worth winning!"
"Let the fires of battle temper my soul!"
"Let us see where your heart truly lies."
"Some idiot's always trying to get away."
"They asked for a beating... Now let's give it to them!"
"We can and we will!"
"While there is breath, there is still victory!"

Eye of the North[edit]

"And stay down!"
"Balthazar, give me strength!"
"Different day. Different fight. Same imbeciles!"
"Do you like my hammer? Have a closer look."
"Don't make me come over there and hit you."
"Find me something furry to hit."
"Hard to run when you're flat on your back, isn't it?"
"Help me, father! Guide my hand!"
"How I've missed Charr hunting!"
"I will fight this battle even with my dying breath."
"I've hammered all over this land."
"Ooh! I dented your armor. Here, let me hammer that out for you."
"Talk to the hammer!"
"What did you say about me? Now you die!"


  • Devona is one of the only five characters to appear in all 3 campaigns and the expansion (the others are Aidan, Cynn, Eve, and Mhenlo).
  • Her personality appears to change as throughout the campaigns: her noble and honorable edge diminishes during Factions and she develops more attitude during Nightfall. Some consider her character to have the most well-developed personality in the Guild Wars universe.
  • She is labeled as a "Fighter Henchman".
  • She appears in many Guild Wars Stories.


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