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Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Professions Elementalist Elementalist
Monk Monk
Service Henchman
Level(s) 3..20
Campaigns Nightfall
Eye of the North

Herta is a henchman available in Nightfall and Eye of the North. She is a member of the Order of the Sunspears.

She is labeled as an "Earth Henchman."




12 Energy Storage, 12 Earth Magic

Eye of the North

11 Energy Storage, 12 Earth Magic, 5 Healing Prayers




  • Area of effect (AoE) elite damage spell; can inflict considerable AoE damage with Sandstorm.
  • Balanced offense, defense skill mix; can protect against melee attackers with Ward Against Melee.
  • Can inflict weakness and knock down weakened foes with Stoning.
  • Viable energy return from Glowstone; has self heal and energy management enchantments.


  • Sandstorm will cause foes to scatter.
  • Has no skills that inflict Overcast to trigger Stone Daggers' additional effect.

Eye of the North[edit]


  • Carries a hard res.
  • AoE elite damage spell.
  • Has self heal and energy management enchantments.
  • Balanced offense, defense skill mix.
  • Can inflict weakness.
  • Viable energy return from Glowstone.


  • Has only one AoE skill for damage dealing.
  • Sandstorm will cause foes to scatter.
  • Has no skills that inflict Overcast to trigger Magnetic Surge's additional effect.



Towns and outposts:

"I joined the Sunspears instead of the city guard. What did I know? I figured easy days, nights of uninterrupted sleep...the Sunspears had it all. I thought Istan more likely to face criminals than invasions. Guess I was wrong."

Throne Of Secrets

"It could have been worse, I suppose."

Eye of the North[edit]

Far Shiverpeaks towns and outposts:

"You wouldn't imagine I'd be the one to volunteer for this task? I'm a Sunspear. I come from Elona. I volunteered to help. Remind me to read the fine print next time."

Charr Homelands towns and outposts:

"Can't we all just get along? It's not that I'm a pacifist. I'm just dreadfully lazy."

Tarnished Coast towns and outposts:

"I keep telling these guys to just go home and get some sleep. Everything looks better after a fourteen hour nap and some food, you know? I bet there would be a lot less wars if we just had a few more comfortable beds out there."

Central Transfer Chamber:

"Better? This is not better. This is cold, dark, and clammy. The only thing we need now is an earthquake. And don't get me started on how much "fun" those are."


"Is that it? Is it over? Can I go to sleep now?"



"Even if you think you have nothing worth stealing, someone will come along and steal nothing at all."
"I really don't know what I'm doing here. This stuff is for heroes. Being a hero takes way too much effort. I'd rather just be me."
"It's hot. And depressing. But at least we haven't had an earthquake in a while."
"No, don't heal me, just let me die. I'm halfway there already so it would be a shame to waste the effort."
"The Sunspears have a twelve-step program. Step one, a whole lot of pain. Step two, some misery. Step three, no sleep. It sort of goes downhill from there."

Eye of the North[edit]

"At least the grub out here is decent. You don't want to know what they feed Sunspears in the desert."
"I've killed more men than I've dated. Is that a character flaw?"
"Talk about scary... I've seen stuff in the Realm of Torment that would make you jump out of your armor."
"Wow. Look at this place..."
"You know, this hero stuff isn't that bad after all. Some would even say it builds character."

Battle quotes[edit]


"Begone, foul beast!"
"Do not lay a hand upon me creature!"
"Don't you DARE hurt my friend!"
"For Istan! Because, Dwayna knows, nobody else would have us."
"Go ahead and try. Maybe you'll hit me. Do you want me to stand still?"
"Hurts to slam your fist into a ten-ton block of stone, doesn't it? What, you're going to do it again?"
"I blame Kormir. She got me into all this!"
"I can't let you get away. I'm a Sunspear. Trust me, this wasn't my idea. But I signed the contract, I have to finish the deal."
"I could be home! Taking a nap! Washing my hair!"
"I didn't sign up for this!"
"Nope. Not dead yet."
"Not another fight. Grenth, I hate busy days."
"Oh, man. Don't make me start all over."
"This is all your fault!"
"This is fun and all, but I'd rather be sleeping."
"This is one of those days when even killing you isn't going to cheer me up. What a waste."
"This whole thing is so depressing. Just get it over with quickly."
"Yup. You tried to hit me, and failed miserably. The lesson here is: never try."

Eye of the North[edit]

"And... there went your last chance. Nice knowing you."
"Ashes to ashes."
"Excuse me. What did you say? I thought so."
"I bet you scream like that at all the girls."
"I left Elona for this?"
"I will bury you."
""Join the Sunspears," they said. "See exotic lands, meet new and interesting people... and kill them." That's what sold me."
"Kiss the staff. Kiss it!"
"My ex used to spell my name H-U-R-T-A. Guess why."
"Ugh. Will you stop breathing already?"
"Wow. Look at this place..."
"You're invading my personal space."
"You're not my type. I prefer someone with a heartbeat."



  • Herta's name is an anagram for "Earth", her elemental specialty. Furthermore Herta is also the name of the Germanic goddess of Earth.
  • Herta had a much whiter skin tone during the Nightfall preview event.
  • Herta can sometimes be seen watching the Norn Fighting Tournament.
  • Herta's quote: "Yup. You tried to hit me, and failed miserably. The lesson here is: never try." is actually taken from Homer Simpson after Bart Simpson auditioned for Mr. Burns' heir, but didn't make it. "It's OK son. You tried and failed miserably. The lesson? Never try."
  • Herta's quote "ashes to ashes" is actually the first line for a funeral prayer.
  • Herta's quote "Join the Sunspears," they said. "See exotic lands, meet new and interesting people... and kill them." That's what sold me" is paraphrased from a line by Private Joker, played by Matthew Modine, in the movie Full Metal Jacket, where he says "I wanted to see exotic Vietnam... the crown jewel of Southeast Asia. I wanted to meet interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture... and kill them."
  • Her battle quote "The Sunspears have a twelve-step program," is a reference to the twelve-step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Her henchman skills were updated in the 22nd October 2009 update.

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