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The Norn are a race of nine-foot-tall warriors who live in the northernmost Shiverpeaks. They revel in the harsh climes, leading dangerous lives among savage beasts. These mighty hunters are not organized into a single nation. Instead, those who display exceptional strength and prowess in battle establish homesteads, though they are certainly not considered "rulers". They often spend years at a time tracking a particularly strong or clever quarry; they never give up on a battle, a pursuit, or a friend.

The Norn revere the spirits of nature—from the wolf to the snow lynx - but the most powerful of these is the Bear Spirit, who, according to myth, blessed the Norn with the ability to change shape and "become the bear".

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

The Norn are a highly independent race with a fighter-centric society, holding strength and prowess in combat above everything else. To a Norn, the greatest shame is not dying in battle, but rather not having the tale of their life, especially death, told. Due to their independence, the Norn are hardly seen in large parties with the exception of great hunts, festivities, and in the larger homesteads like Gunnar's Hold.

For the Norn, in order to wed, the bride and groom must be of equal reputation, and marriage symbolizes the combining of their tales. During the wedding, someone must speak on the behalf of the two to show their worth for the other.

The norn are not able to interbreed with humans[1], although Olaf Olafson, his daughter, and Danira imply or state otherwise.

According to Jora, the Norn believe in the hall of spirits, a place "where the brave live forever."


Voice responses[edit]

Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.
Norn rank 0-4
  • "Are you hunting something?"
  • "Never anger a Norn."
  • "Who goes there?"
  • "Who sent you?"
  • "Why are you here?"
Norn rank 5-9
  • "Are you lost?"
  • "Hail lowlander."
  • "How can I help you?"
  • "What is your business?"
  • "Ya hey there!"
Norn rank 10
  • "By the bear!"
  • "Hail, friend."
  • "It is a good day to hunt" (female) / "'Tis a good day to hunt." (male)
  • "Such a warm day."
  • "Wurm's blood!"




Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki also has an article on Norn.
  • Early concept art for the Norn refers to them as "Norngolians".
  • The Norns are sisters in Norse mythology who are said to control a person's fate by their weaving.
  • The majority of Norn names are either existing Scandinavian names or heavily inspired by them.
  • The Norn may be referencing:
    • Tolkien's character "Beorn," a cheerful but also easily angered man who is about 10 feet tall and shapeshifts into a bear.
    • Norse lore of Berserkers who would go into battle wearing bear skins, said not to feel pain and would usually be in a trance of fury. In some myths they were believed to actually turn into bears.
    • The Chereks, who are red haired, love to hunt, and are extremely large in stature, in David Edding's Belgariad. Specifically Barak, who is able to turn into a massive bear form.


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