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Disambig icon.png This article is about the historical event. For other uses, see Guild Wars (disambiguation).

Concept art from Guild Wars 2.

The Guild Wars are the three wars among different guilds in the three human kingdoms of Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr. The third war ended only because the charr invasion from the north meant an even bigger threat to the three kingdoms.

Little is known about the First Guild War, except that it was a war between Kryta and Ascalon - Orr did not join either of the first two wars.

The Second Guild War was memorialized by the construction of Surmia in 1020 AE. Ascalon was the kingdom victorious of this war according to the Historical Monument of Surmia. When it actually began or ended is unknown.

The Third Guild War lasted for 57 years (from 1013 AE until 1070 AE). The war began between Kryta and Ascalon much like the first two wars. When the two nations brought the war to Orr's borders and within Arah's streets, the nation rose to defend itself, escalating the conflict and resulting in casualties that eclipsed those of the previous two Guild Wars combined.

The war caused much suffering and hatred between the people of the three kingdoms, and this shows itself in the form of mistrust between certain individuals, such as King Adelbern, in the present day. During this war, public opinions of their leaders fell, which was one of the factors for Adelbern, then a war hero, being crowned as king instead of Barradin.

The Charr took advantage of the humans' infighting and launched their own invasion, bringing an end to the Third Guild War through the Searing and, indirectly, the Cataclysm. In present day, the Third Guild War is often referred to as the Guild War.

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