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Zaishen Chest

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Zaishen Chest
Victory Chest.jpg
Type Chest
Campaign Core

The Zaishen Chest is a special chest which can only be opened with a Zaishen Key.

[edit] Locations

[edit] Drops

Drops one of the following:

Zaishen Rewards Calendar
Month Tonic Everlasting
Every January: Cerebral Tonic Everlasting Cerebral Tonic (rare)
Every February: Searing Tonic Everlasting Searing Tonic (rare)
Every March: Abyssal Tonic Everlasting Abyssal Tonic (rare)
Every April: Unseen Tonic Everlasting Unseen Tonic (rare)
Every May: Phantasmal Tonic Everlasting Phantasmal Tonic (rare)
Every June: Automatonic Everlasting Automatonic (rare)
Every July: Boreal Tonic Everlasting Boreal Tonic (rare)
Every August: Trapdoor Tonic Everlasting Trapdoor Tonic (rare)
Every September: Macabre Tonic Everlasting Macabre Tonic (rare)
Every October: Skeletonic Everlasting Skeletonic (rare)
Every November: Gelatinous Tonic Everlasting Gelatinous Tonic (rare)
Every December: Abominable Tonic Everlasting Abominable Tonic (rare)
Zaishen Rewards Calendar-1.jpg

[edit] Notes

  • Opening this chest adds 5 points to the Zaishen title track.
  • Although this chest frequently drops inscribable weapons with maximum stats, it often drops weapons with high-requirements (e.g. rank 12 or 13 in the relevant attribute); on rare occasions, it can also drop non-inscribable weapons or those with below-maximum stats (e.g. a bow that does 15–27 damage instead of 15–28).
  • This chest is mechanically different from chests found in other explorable areas: you cannot open it with a Lockpick; it can be opened more than once without zoning; and, if you have a key, it automatically opens when activated (without the standard key-use dialogue).
  • When using multiple keys, you can end up with more drops than your inventory can carry. Bring a Mercantile Summoning Stone to sell unwanted items or be sure to pick up items as they drop so that you do not have to leave any behind.

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