Sands Of Souls

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Sands of Souls
Section Crystal Desert Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Ghostly Hero
in The Amnoon Oasis
Preceded by Sanctum Cay
Followed by Dunes of Despair
Elona Reach
Thirsty River
Type Secondary quest
Sands Of Souls map.png
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Journey to Augury Rock, in order to speak with Great Ritual Priest Zahmut on how to achieve Ascension.

Quest information[edit]




Travel to Augury Rock. After leaving The Amnoon Oasis, you will find yourself in a limited area with no other exits. You must use the teleporter to cross the canyon and move on. The teleporter is activated by standing in the circle and turning back to view the switches which will light up in the same sequence the player has to touch them in order to operate.

As a land mark, there is a line of monoliths which you will encounter during your journey.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Ghostly Hero

So many have come to this desert wishing to unlock its secret, and all have perished. Were they all unworthy, or just unable to show their worthiness in the way the gods require? I suppose it amounts to the same thing, at the end of the day. Perhaps this time it will be different.

Speak to Great Ritual Priest Zahmut. He can tell you of the tests you must endure. You'll find him at Augury Rock to the east.

Yes Accept: "I'm on my way."
No Decline: "Perhaps another time."
Ask Ask: "Great Ritual Priest Zahmut awaits you to the east. Speak with him."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Great Ritual Priest Zahmut

I am he. You wish to Ascend, do you? Many have come before you, and all have failed. May the gods grant you the wisdom to light your way. Three tests await you in the desert. Seek and you shall find.


  • This quest is not necessary for the completion of the Augury Rock mission.
  • Despite not being required for the storyline to progress, new players will do well to take this quest anyhow. It leads characters to Augury Rock, where the next events in the storyline unfold.