A New Escort

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A New Escort
Section Echovald Forest Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Yuri Vasburg
in Brauer Academy
(Echovald Forest)
Type Secondary quest
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Escort Merchant Orek safely from Brauer Academy to Saint Anjeka's Shrine.

Quest information[edit]




You'll find Merchant Orek waiting just outside the north exit of Brauer Academy, with his caravan of 3 other Merchants. Once you talk to Orek, the quest will update and point towards Saint Anjeka's Shrine to which you must lead Orek and his merchants, defeating any creatures you encounter along the way and taking care of the 4 allies as well.

The merchants are quite weak, so you should beware of warden popups as you travel through Drazach Thicket, they can cause trouble by focusing their attacks on the merchants. Once you are within sight of the shrine outpost, there will also be two groups of wardens and three groups of dragon mosses to defeat.

At the end, walk up to, but do not enter Saint Anjeka's Shrine, and wait for the quest to update, then speak to Orek to collect your reward.

Alternatively, if you have unlocked Saint Anjeka's Shrine, you can do the quest backwards: starting from the shrine, head towards the academy to clear the way and pick up the merchants, then return the way you came.



Humans (Kurzick)




Initial dialogue[edit]

Yuri Vasburg
"Friend, I'm in a terrible lurch, and I could really use your help. My companions and I were tasked with protecting the merchant caravan that brings supplies and wares into House zu Heltzer. With the war against the Luxons heating up, my uncle, Baron Vasburg, felt that there was a greater need for us on the front lines. I'm supposed to take my men and meet up with him immediately, but I just don't feel right leaving the caravan out there without an escort...I'd be signing their death warrants. If you'd meet up with Merchant Orek and the caravan in Drazach Thicket, and serve as their escort, I'd feel a lot better about leaving. And I'm sure my uncle would be very grateful."
Yes Accept: "I'll do it!"
No Decline: "I'm not for hire."
Ask Ask: "Those merchants could really use your help. Just head to Drazach Thicket and speak with Merchant Orek. He's in charge of the caravan."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Merchant Orek
"Are you the new escort? Thank the gods...I thought we were going to have to go it alone. Listen, we need to get this caravan up to Saint Anjeka's Shrine. Our supplies were expected there hours ago. Unfortunately, we've just learned that the place has been overrun with dragon mosses. That's where you come in. We're going to need your help clearing the area so that we can continue our trading."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Merchant Orek
"When we heard that the baron's nephew was called to the front lines, we were sure that was the end of us all. But now, I see that the gods had a plan, and that our worries were pointless."


  • Only Orek must survive to complete the quest; the unnamed merchants are expendable.
    • The caravan follows the party leader; you can send others in the party (including heroes and henchman) ahead to clear the way.
  • If you keep the quest active, the three groups of Dragon Moss can be farmed for Plant Fibers, Spiritwood Planks, and Dragon Roots.
Anomaly Anomaly.Although the unnamed merchants are listed as Monks, they do not use any healing skills on themselves or the party. However, they will attack using their wands.