A Prescription for Conscription

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A Prescription for Conscription
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Elder Isma
in Arkjok Ward
Preceded by Venta Cemetery
Type Secondary quest

Help the poor farmers of Arkjok Ward protect their fields and crops from invading insects.

Quest information[edit]


  • Protect the fields. Do not let them be overrun.
  • You have [6...0] groups remaining.
  • See Elder Isma for your reward.



Once you accept the quest, a timer starts counting down from 5 minutes, if it hits 0:00 with any foes still alive, you've failed the quest. You will have to leave the area and return to try again.

The invading insects come as 3 waves of 2 groups each and comprise mixes of: Bladed Veldt Termites, Veldt Beetle Queens and Veldt Beetle Lances. All the groups spawn and approach from the portal to Jahai Bluffs nearby, so the party can easily intercept and destroy them by standing in front of the portal - just make sure you don't accidentally run through after a creature. Flagging heroes/henchmen near the first field below the portal is a good way to catch the first insect invaders as you return from accepting the quest. Correct placement also helps ensure all the attackers clear the portal but don't scatter over the fields.

When all the insects are killed, speak to Elder Isma to get the reward.



Ossjo: "The military has taken away our children and sent them to fight the Sunspears!"
Farmer Orjok: "If it wasn't for the military we would still have enough men to protect the fields!"
Farmer Gorkan: "Yeah, the fields are full of bugs...and plants that bite. Actually, the bugs bite too."
Farmer Orjok: "They've never conscripted from the farm villages before. We shouldn't even be talking with those Sunspears. It only makes matters worse."
Elder Isma: "We need to do something quickly, before the fields are devoured. We don't have enough manpower anymore...thanks to Varesh and her "military needs.""
Ossjo: "If we don't make our quota, we'll end up like Ronjok...."
Nerwa: "Bayel scares me."
Elder Isma: "We will not end up like Ronjok! What we need to do is clear the fields before those monsters destroy the harvest."
Farmer Orjok: "I say we find out where the Sunspears are hiding and turn them in!"
Elder Isma: "I say we use their heroic nature. Let them replace the men Varesh conscripted."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Isma

"I take it from the commotion around the garrison that you've freed your comrade. The Kournan losses come with a price...they will now conscript even more young men. And with the harvest coming, we need all hands to protect our crops from predators. Now, thanks to Kournan conscription we won't be able to protect the fields, which will bring even more reprisals when we miss our quotas.
This is not Ronjok. We don't appreciate your presence. Why haven't we turned you in? Simple fear. If we turn you in, Varesh will think we were helping you from the beginning.
The least you can do is minimize the damage you've done. Protect our harvest from predators. What say you?"
Yes Accept: "Of course we will help."
No Decline: "The less food Varesh has for her troops, the better."
Ask Ask: "If you truly want to help our village, then go out and protect our harvest from the beasts before they eat all of our crops."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Farmer Gorkan: "Watch out for the big ones. They bite a bit."
Farmer Orjok: "Come this way. We need to hurry! If those beasts get started, they will be impossible to stop."
Farmer Orjok: "Get ready! Here they come!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Isma

"Thank you. You fought bravely, and have won many hearts and minds this day. Perhaps you truly do care about what happens to this land. We wish only to be left alone. Perhaps one day Kourna will be at peace with the Sunspears. Until then, you will have to be content with our silence and our gratitude."