Ancient Secrets

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Ancient Secrets
Section Crystal Desert Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Fangfa Tai
in The Amnoon Oasis
(Crystal Desert)
Type Secondary quest
Sennat Sen map.jpg
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Fangfa Tai asks you to speak with Sennat Sen in Salt Flats so that he may learn the secrets of his people.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find Sennat Sen in Salt Flats.



Sennat Sen is in the northeast corner of the Salt Flats. The outpost closest to his location is Seeker's Passage, which is reachable through a long walk from the Amnoon Oasis or Augury Rock. You may need to use teleporters to reach Sennat Sen, depending on the path you take.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Fangfa Tai

"I have heard that out in the Salt Flats Elonian ghosts sometimes reveal themselves. One in particular, Sennat Sen, is said to have worked as the master artisan for Turai Ossa of Elona. This ghost has never appeared for me, though I have searched for him many times, so anxious am I to learn more of the secrets of this ancient people. If, in your journeys, you should meet this Sennat Sen, please convey to him my respect for his people and tell him that I too hope to speak with him some day."
Yes Accept: "I'll keep an eye out for him."
No Decline: "Perhaps this ghost doesn't want to be found."
Ask Ask: "Have you found Sennat Sen? The stories I have heard claim he stands somewhere in the Salt Flats."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Sennat Sen

"Fangfa Tai is a particularly short-sighted mortal. He has walked by me on several occasions. Though I have sought to manifest before him, he has seen nothing. Why should I hide? What is more tedious than an eternity in the desert alone, after all?
Did you know, there was a time I would have given my life to protect the secrets of my trade? Now that my life is over, it seems not so important. Is there something I can craft for you?"


  • Sennat Sen is an artisan. It is not necessary to complete this quest before making use of his services.
  • Consider delaying completion of this quest until the quest A Belated Betrothal becomes available, since that quest lies along the route of this one.