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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Dueling (Discussion)

Have a one versus one duel area in game. Players can pick another player to challenge and they would enter a new area to fight each other if the challenge is accepted. Other games have similar features; Hellgate London has a duel option for instance. This might be similar to a GW1 Guild Scrimmage with teams of one but in a public area.

Why this is a good idea
  • As most of Guild Wars 2 will be completable solo, this indicates characters will probably be more self-sufficient. Thus, the game could be easier to balance for duelling than in the original Guild Wars.
  • Its something that everyone always wanted to do in the existing GW no matter what class/profession
Why it may not work out
  • How would professions and races fairly balance in 1v1?

Gates Assassin Dueling

Dueling (Discussion)

Note I am referencing GW1 skills in this suggestion, only because I don't know what the skills are for GW2. This is still a GW2 suggestion.

Instead of allowing people to pick their skills, it might be better to set the skills up and design areas to allow for more skillful gameplay.

For instance:

Let's say it's Ranger vs Ranger. What are some skillful things about this profession? :

  1. Interrupting
  2. Strafe Shooting
  3. Surviving

If you design a build that makes it so it is only effective if you are good at those three things, then the better player will win such as:

Burning Arrow, Savage Shot, Distracting Shot, Natural Stride, Apply poison, Troll Unguent, etc.

Then you design it almost like a guild battle: Have two bases, the goal is to try to either DP out the other ranger, or kill the other person's Guild Lord (Obviously with a lot less health, armor and no amulet of protection). Keep the archers to make strafe shooting able to be done. Also when these two builds clash, interrupting comes in to play, along with surviving.

This could work with all of the professions as well. For instance:


  1. Shadow Stepping
  2. Surviving
  3. Knowing when to spike
  4. Knowing when to run
  5. Fake spiking

Then create a build that allows for that. Such as:

Aura of Displacement, Golden Phoenix Strike, Horns of the Ox, Falling Spider, Blades of Steel, Impale, Shadow Refuge, Disrupting Dagger

So basically all the builds have to do is this:

  1. Require high amounts of skill to use.
  2. When two enemies clash, it is possible for BOTH players to win to some extent.
  3. Make it equally possible for every build to be able to kill the enemy base.

Note These are not only Sin vs Sin or Ranger vs Ranger battles. A monk could face a sin or Ranger. It's open to that. What will make this work is if you make the monk build not imba as fuck in 1v1 by flooding it with healing and protection. Something like just Word of Healing, Guardian, Mend Ailment, and holy veil (1 second Cast time, easy to interrupt for good players).

The Maps

This would be a major thing. Every single profession needs an area in every map that allows for skillful game play such as:

  • A high ground that is kind of in a Z pattern that an assassin can shadow step up easily.
  • A corner that a monk can monk around while safe.
  • A flatbow shot that can be done by rangers to kill an archer while not even in the base.
  • A slightly spaced out NPCs (Like in the Area) that can be pulled slightly to make them adjacent so an elementalist could kill all of them in one spell.
  • A narrow passage that a ritualist could fill with about 2 spirits to prevent melee NPCs from reaching him/her.
  • A spot below a wall where a necromancer could hex the archers above and kill them without taking hits.
  • A spell casting NPC that mesmers could beat.
  • For warriors, I'm not sure what you could put in.
  • For paragons, make the shouts and chants able to effect the NPCs there to make them good at defending their base.
  • For dervishes, look at the elementalist suggestion .

Also, cap shrines to gain special bonuses help with making it require skill, but please, people really hate capping. Seriously. It really sucks. Make it optional to cap, not mandatory. If you make the shrine give 250 health, then it becomes practically mandatory. If you make it give a 15% speed boost, it becomes optional. Just a small boost, nothing major. It shouldn't make it a race to cap the shrine, kill the other guy and gank the base before he reses match.

Why this is a good idea
  • This actually requires some skill to do.
  • Because players can't choose their skill, it turns into a match of "How will you use what is given to you" rather than "How will you use what you choose against what he/she chose"
Why it may not work out
  • It's difficult to design builds that require skill for Some Professions, however it definitely can be done.
  • It's difficult to design maps that allow for every profession to have it's own part where it can thrive such as high ground shots to kill archers for ranger, shadow stepping areas for assassins, corners for monks to hide behind to keep NPCs alive etc.
  • Some players just want to duel each other 1 on 1 to prove who's the best or to release some steam. This idea only appeals to those who see 1 v 1 as a skilless game, and actually want to see who is the better player, without having to Control others or Make an entire Team. In short: This is competitive gameplay, not just the simple 1v1s we have now.
  • Freedom of skill =P no seriously, u can make an OPTION 4 that, but ppl like me will still want the good 1vs1, that also proves who knows how 2 use his OWN build better =P
  • shows no skill it is like chance the loser will say luck all the time when they lose. It would be better if you make a build and say what kind it is(spike,cast) and say what kind of profession you want to fight that is a bad idea because you could lie about your build.