Challenge Master, Rioka

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Challenge Master, Rioka
Challenge Master, Rioka.jpg
Affiliation Zaishen Order
Type Human
Service Mission briefing
Level(s) 20
Campaign Core

Challenge Master, Rioka is in charge of informing prospective combatants about the workings of the Zaishen Challenge.



Quests involved in:


"The Zaishen welcome you to these sacred Challenge Arenas! Here, we accept challenges from all followers of Balthazar...and if you wish to fight, you are following Balthazar. Glorious combat will be had, for you face the Zaishen Order, the finest fighters in this or any other land! Are you worthy?"
⇒ Tell me about the Challenge Arenas.
"Each team in these Challenge Arenas has studied one particular fighting style. They have perfected their methods and are relentless in their attacks. But there is a lesson to be learned that we usually only teach among the Zaishen Elite: the more you rely on one style of combat, the more vulnerable you are when the enemy is prepared for you. Balance is important in your skills and strategies."
⇒ Tell me about travel.
"You can instantly travel to any town or outpost you have visited before. To do so, bring up your world map by pressing M. You may left-click on the map to zoom in or out. While in close-up mode, hold down the right mouse button and move your mouse around to navigate to different areas of the map. You may then click a location icon or pin and read about the area, or click the Travel button to transport instantly to that location."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ What is the Zaishen Elite?
"Shhhh! Quick to pick up on that, weren't you? I shouldn't be telling you this, but just between us, I think you've got promise, and I make it my business to help the best fighters. The Zaishen Elite is our most secret training grounds. If you hope to gain access to it, you'll have to prove yourself in the Challenge Arenas."
"Defeat 5 different Challenge teams, and you will earn the right to enter the Zaishen Elite refuge."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
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