Ebon Vanguard Ritual

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An Ebon Vanguard spirit

Skill type. Ebon Vanguard Rituals are skills unique to the Ebon Vanguard title. Semantically, the character summons a spirit of nature to provide a global effect to all those in its area. Technically, they are skills with long activation time that produce a spirit where the caster is standing. Contrary to Nature Rituals, Ebon Vanguard Rituals always only affect enemies in their range, similar to passive Binding Rituals.

The Ebon Vanguard Ritual spirit resembles a miniature Druid from the Maguuma Jungle or Melandru's Watcher, the avatar of Melandru, the patron goddess of rangers. They function almost identically to a Binding Ritual spirit.

List of Ebon Vanguard rituals[edit]

IconNameDescriptionEnergyActivation timeRecharge timeAttributeCampaign
Winds.jpg Winds Ebon Vanguard Ritual. Creates a level 4...10 spirit (54...90 second lifespan.) Affects foes within range. 15% chance to miss with ranged attacks. 0 055 Tango-energy.png 055 Tango-activation-darker.png 03030 Tango-recharge-darker.png Ebon Vanguard rankZ Eye of the North